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Home Pedicure

Pedicures are for providing tender care to your feet from regular high heeled and exposed shoes. In order to make your feet look neat and


Couch Potato Workouts

Some do not get the time to hit the gym. However, you should not allow that to lower your fitness level. You can do many exercises right in your home. The article presents a few of these home exercises that should help you out.


Making Your Partner Jealous

While reviving a relationship might take some effort, you will definitely speed up the results by juicing up a little bit.


Oops What Did I Do Wrong

Maybe your hair dye decided to go crazy or your bikini line looks like a bumpy road hazard, the following are some quick fixes and suggestions to help prevent future mishaps.

How To Apply Foundation

In makeup, the most sensitive thing is applying foundation. This is because if it is not done well, you will give yourself a rather bad look.

Skin Care Secrets

Skin Care Secrets

Everyone is looking for good skin care products. Not to mention there is a whole industry dedicated to the cause. There are tons

Back Pain

How To Treat Back Spasms

Back spasms are altogether a different ball game when it comes to back pain. Back spasms occur when the muscles of the back are…

facial shapes

Amazing Diversity In Facial Shapes

All individuals in the world are endowed with a particular shape of the face which certainly is either enhanced or diminished by the hairstyles…


Skin care Nitty Gritty

What would you do to look good? Apply make-up? Change your hair-style? But none of those will come in handy if you do not have the perfect healthy glowing skin.