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10 Classic Hair Braids To Try On

Since the beginning of time, hair braiding has remained a popular hairstyle with most people. With limitless braiding techniques to choose from let us peek into a few of the styles that are increasingly popular.

10 Classic Hair Braids To Try On

English Braid

The simplest and easiest of all braids the Standard English braid, is a foundation for all other braiding techniques.
Classic Hair Braid

Beginning at the nape of the neck the hair divided into three equal parts and with a left over middle and right over middle action, forms a simple English braid secured at the bottom with a hair elastic band.

French Braid

A more intricate version of the English braid the French braid is a very popular style that requires some expertise. This interesting looking braid starts with three small sections of hair near the crown of the head gradually adding more hair from the sides to each section form the structure of the braid. A sleek and sophisticated appearance is the result of this style of braid with a woven pattern over the scalp. This looks good on long hair and adds volume to thin fine hair.

Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid also known as the reverse braid, is an inverted French braid. Created using three large strands of hair crossed under each other, they form a rope like design.

Hair Braids

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Weaving strands under instead of over creates a braid with an embossed and raised appearance.

Fishtail Braid

Also known as the herringbone braid, the fishtail braid is an interesting style of braiding that is time consuming and requires a great deal of expertise. These are technically two strand braids created by bringing together tiny sections from one-half of the hair to the other crossed one over the other and pulled tightly. The fishtail braid when left loose without securing at the bottom with an elastic band looks like a fishtail and looks uber cool adding a feminine and chic appearance.

Swiss Braid

Popularly known as the Heidi braid, the traditional Swiss braid is the current trend in most fashion shows.

Classic Hair Braid

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Created by crossing two braids at the nape of the neck and pinned to make a headband, they add a little bit of extra style to the hair.

Crown Braid

Similar to the Swiss braid, the stylish Crown braid is much more difficult to create. Woven around the head in French braid style, the crown braid is different from the Swiss braid, which is wrapped around the head and pinned. They look like a continuous braid without end or beginning and are great for prom and formal hairdos.

Four Strand Braid

The four strand braid, much easier than a French plait and a little harder than a Dutch braid looks the same on all sides and does not have a front and back.

The four strand braid

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Woven in a pattern of left-under-two-back-over-one, right-under-two-back-over-one with four strands looks unique giving a rope like appearance.

Cascade Braid

Cascade braids, also known as the waterfall braid, give a feminine flowing look. A variant of the French braid, they leave loose the back of the hair from the ears to the nape of the neck. Made in Single, combination and occasionally in crown braids in a cascading style they look elegant in medium length to long hair.

Lace Braid

Often confused with the cascade braid, the lace braid, commonly used in headbands,

the lace braid

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is similar to a French braid except that this style gathers hair only from one side of the hair at the ear as it travels down the head

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Invisible Braid

This currently popular style obtained by making exceptionally thin braids, look like normal strands of hair from a distance. Though time consuming, this style of braiding with one inch of the hair, leaving the rest of the hair loose, looks attractive on short or long hair.

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