3 Fashion Tips for Plus Size Women

All typical models are size two and under; you know that you will never get there. Some of us have never even been close. However, more advertisers are realizing this and using their ads to appeal to the average size American woman whose size is 14.

Marilyn Monroe was a size 14. Therefore, plus size women are getting out and shopping more than ever and want to look good. With a few simple tips, you can too. In addition to looking good, you can maintain your confidence.

Dense, clingy fabrics are out. They can wrap around your middle and hips and are unflattering. Remember your clothes should flow gracefully. Avoid clothes with bubble sleeves if you feel your arms are a problem area. Even if you find a bubble sleeve that looks ok on you, because you’re self-conscious about your arms, it will show and your outfit will not look good because you don’t feel good about it. Sometimes the puffy sleeves are girded with elastic. You don’t want to draw attention to any area that already erodes your self-confidence.

Although belts are all the rage this year, be wise. Don’t wear overly flamboyant belts and be careful of the belt’s placement. If you have more weight around the thighs and midsection, your ribcage is where the belt should be placed. Don’t make the belt too tight. Besides being uncomfortable, it won’t be very flattering to your outfit or your figure.

When wearing dresses, many women wear high boots because of how terrific they look with dresses. Select the correct boots. An Empire waist dress can look magnificent with the right pair of boots for plus size women. An Empire waist dress falls just above your natural waistline. If you’re bottom heavy you will look and feel amazing. If your body is pear shaped and short, take a boot with a heel.

Subtle color fabrics are nice. Don’t pay attention to the scuttlebutt that black is always slimming. Don’t walk around looking like you are always in mourning simply because you are a plus size woman. This has been replaced by understatement. The answer is to avoid obnoxious and unflattering prints and stripes that are horizontal. Invite warm colors into your wardrobe, such as browns, greens and rusts.

Beyond all of these tips, enjoy your own style. Your choice in clothes should make you look as great as you feel.