3 Healthy Diets For Kids

Diet For KidsKids can become very fussy eaters as they grow up. From shunning everything green and leafy to skipping meals completely, kids can become quite an issue to deal with when it comes to eating right. With time, this negligence would show in their health. They would either become underweight or would suffer from malnutrition and every other health related disorder that comes with it.

As parents it is our duty to make sure that our kids get the right nutrition their body needs to function on a daily basis. But considering the fact that your kids stick to only a few particular choices when it comes to food, how can you possibly make sure that they get all the essential nutrients?

Not to worry though for here are some wonderful tips mothers would find easy to follow. These tips focus on how to go about choosing the right kind of diets for growing children and how they can make sure that their kids get all the nutrients they need to grow up as healthy and strong individuals.

Doctor’s Advise

Before choosing a particular diet for your kid, consult a doctor or nutritionist about the same. Doing so would enable you to get a clearer picture of how you can go about getting the best out of meals for your kid.

Some kids may be allergic to certain foods, including milk, dairy products, wheat etc. If your kid falls into that category, then it pays to check with a nutritionist about alternate foods that would supply the same amount of nutrients present in the food your kid is allergic to.


If your kid doesn’t like vegetables, try giving him/her fresh fruits and nuts on a daily basis. Fresh fruits and fruit juices contain plenty of nutrients essential for a kid’s normal growth. Opt for fruits that are sweet and look good (children love colorful foods) like apples, bananas, grapes, watermelons, and oranges etc.


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If your kid refuses to eat a whole fruit, try fresh fruit juice for a change. Don’t add artificial sweeteners to the juice though. Strain the mixture to make sure the pulp is left out (some kids don’t like the pulp getting caught in their mouth). Add some sugar to the juice, mix it well and let your kid gulp it down.


Although they need to be given in moderation, nuts are considered completely essential to a kid’s diet. Nuts contain calories and cholesterol, two components that can help underweight kids put on weight and thus become healthy.

Opt for peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts or pistachios for your kid’s diet. You can also grind them up and sprinkle them on foods like cakes, biscuits, puddings and other dishes that your kid loves to eat.

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Your kid would probably run away the moment you start talking about green veggies and their benefits for the human body. But that doesn’t mean you can just leave him/her like that would it? You would need to ensure that he/she eats at least a few green vegetables each day to get the vitamins and other essential nutrients for healthy physical growth and improved mental concentration.


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If your kid doesn’t like eating green vegetables, try hiding them in foods he/she likes to eat. Make tasty salads that contain these greens. Stuff some green veggies into the sandwiches you make for him/her. Try adding more green vegetables to curries so that your kid won’t be able to notice them while he/she eats.

Foods rich in Zinc

Lack of zinc in the body would lead to malnourishment and loss of weight. So make it a point to add plenty of zinc rich foods to your kid’s diet. Some of the better food options in this case would include mushrooms, sesame seeds, milk, lamb, dairy products, watermelon, and spinach etc.

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