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3 Tips On Fast Weight Loss After Pregnancy!

3 Tips On Fast Weight Loss After Pregnancy!Losing that extra flab you gained during pregnancy can be a hard task after the delivery. With hardly any time left for yourself in between taking care of your baby and the others in the family, and attending to professional commitments, weight reduction after pregnancy would usually take a back seat.

Many women resort to extreme diets, high intensity work out sessions and diet supplements in an attempt to lose weight quickly after pregnancy. In addition to the fact that these diets, supplements or exercises do not always guarantee promising results, you need to understand that your body has just been through a crucial patch and so needs time to recover. Subjecting it to all kinds of extremities in the forms of diets, supplements and exercises would do you no good and make you lose your health in the process.

So if you are desperately trying to find out a natural, healthy and completely safe way to lose that pregnancy fat real quick, here are 3 tips that you need to follow for the same.

Note: Before adopting any kind of diet, exercise or supplement, you need to understand the fact that your body would not lose weight overnight. The process of weight reduction would take time and would be achievable only if you set realistic goals.

In addition to this, a long term, consistent weight reduction plan would yield better results than short term, inconsistent goals that would only yield temporary results (all that fat you took great measures to get rid off would come back eventually). So choose wisely when it comes to losing weight post pregnancy and staying fit and healthy in the process.

3 Tips On Fast Weight Loss After Pregnancy

The Right Kind Of Diet

During pregnancy you would have had the liberty of gorging on your favorite foods, unmindful of how healthy they happen to be or not. Post pregnancy, you would need to first get rid of all that excess bad cholesterol in the body which if left unattended to could lead to the formation of fatty deposits in the blood, body tissues and muscles. These fatty deposits would be very hard to get rid of and could cause issues like obesity in the long run.

Before choosing any particular diet, have a chat with a doctor or nutritionist who would be able to give the right choices of foods in par with your body condition and constraints. A visit to the doctor would also eliminate medical reasons for weight gain if any.

Accordingly, some healthy food choices that you can include in your existing diet include tea which can reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body, oatmeal, fresh fruits, walnuts, avocados, almonds, flax seeds, nuts, and olive oil etc.

Water is a good cleansing agent and helps to keep your system clean and in perfect working order. Drinking plenty of water every day can flush out harmful toxins that may be inhibiting weight loss from your body and thus help you lose pregnancy weight quickly and effectively.

3 Tips on Fast Weight Loss after Pregnancy

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Breastfeeding For Weight Loss

A common misconception about breast feeding is that it would cause the breasts to sag with time, thus making the body look aged and bloated. However, the truth is far from it. Sure, breast feeding would cause your breasts to sag, but only if you don’t take proper measures to support them during your post pregnancy phase.

But the real surprise is that breastfeeding can actually help you lose loads of pregnancy weight quickly and effectively. And it does not require any additional effort from your end. How you ask?

Breastfeeding is said to burn almost 500 calories on a daily basis. In addition to this, breastfeeding would also enable the body to break down unnecessary fat depositories in the body, thereby getting rid of all that extra weight you put on during pregnancy.

Another fact about breastfeeding is that it supplies the necessary antibodies that the newborn baby needs in order to fight off infections, disorders and diseases. Therefore, breastfeeding would make your baby healthier with time and you slimmer with every passing day.

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Exercising For Weight Loss

Your body would still be recovering from all that blood and muscle loss. So subjecting it to high intensity workouts the moment you come reach home from the hospital could turn out to be quite disastrous.

Your body would have been in hibernation mode (sans any exercises) for nearly a year. And so any sudden, rigorous exercise can potentially affect your health and the health of your baby as well (rigorous exercises can affect normal breastfeeding).

Start with small, slow exercises that don’t place too much strain on the body. With time, you can slowly work your way up to more moderate exercises and then intense workouts and so on. Never continue working out despite feeling discomfort or pain in any part of your body.

Remember, it’s not how fast you work out or how hard you work out that matter! What really matters is how far you understand your body and work out accordingly. That and that alone will help you lose weight quickly and effectively rather than those high intensity workouts and exercises that can only strip your body off its health and vitality.

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