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4 Natural Ways To Combat Excessive Facial Sweat

4 Natural Ways To Combat Excessive Facial SweatFacial sweat is an embarrassing social problem faced by many. It is also termed as facial hyperhidrosis. It is characterized by excessive sweating of the forehead, nose, chin and upper lip.

In fact it can affect the entire face. It can be really bad for your confidence as someone whom you are dealing with can perceive it as a sign of a lack of self confidence and nervousness. There are various natural methods, and medical ones, you can use to control the situation.

Although none of these methods will do away this problem completely, they can surely help in lessening it, especially medication; you should not be dependent on it heavily for too long.

There are a lot of natural products which have shown some help. You have to consume them in your every day diet and can lead to lessening this problem. They are better compared to the serums and other products you apply to get relief from this problem. Some are as good when taken in addition to your everyday juices and water.

1. Extract of the sage fruit

You can have sage fruit extract added to your juice which you have with breakfast. It can show remarkable changes in a short span of time. Sage is a natural herb which helps in many skin problems. It is easily ingested and most suitable to be drunk with your breakfast.

2. Vinegar and honey

Having apple cider vinegar mixed with honey has also shown good results. Apple cider vinegar is good as it has the goodness of its ingredients (i.e. apples). Ideally it should be consumed sixty minutes before your meal.

3. Tomatoes

Tomato juice has innumerable health benefits. Try to have at least a bottle of tomato juice. You can mix it with other juices if you don’t like the taste of tomato juice. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, potassium and Vitamin C. Hence it has been found to be beneficial for many skin conditions. It has many health benefits and also has strong antioxidant properties, so it helps in combating this problem.

It is a great facial sweat remedy if you enjoy the taste of tomato juice as it is an easy resource to procure. After some regular intakes of tomato juice, you will experience a lower amount of facial sweat. Tomato juice has many advantages such as it is all natural and cheap.

4. Topical treatments which are natural

There are many specific topical ointments which you can apply to lessen this problem. You can use diluted aluminium chloride as it natural and safe. It is a compound that is supposed to be taken from organic ingredients; hence, check out its sources before using the product.

When you can spare the time, spread a little of the diluted aluminium chloride along your hairline in the morning before covering it completely for the whole day. If there is a rash or other skin reaction, wash it off.

Try the above mentioned products and you can see your facial sweating condition becoming better with each passing day.