5 Best Foundations To Stay For Ever

foundationSkin is said to be the largest organ in the body which needs some extra care and nourishment so that it looks healthier. For this purpose, skin ‘foundations are used which are available in many varieties like cream, paste, mousse, powder, etc.

It is up to the individual to choose the type that is convenient to her and that meets her purse. In fact, choosing the foundation is a very difficult task. This is because a proper foundation enhances the appearance of the lady. It is also used to cover the stains and other dark spots on the skin. The foundation to be used also depends on the color of the skin.

There are five best known foundations now available in the market. The details of these foundations are briefly explained herein:

1.  Bobby brown foundation stick: This foundation is so popular that it was awarded the best bought foundation award in the year 2007. The main feature of this foundation stick is that it suits all types of skin and complexion. It suits even skin which is oily. This is a versatile foundation that it is not hard on the purse. It easily slips into the little makeup purse and can be conveniently used to touch up when needed.

2. Bare Escentuals: This foundation cream is made of natural elements. It is suitable for all types of skins and it makes the skin smooth like silk. Another important feature of this cream is that it is a weightless cream.

3. Revlon color stay foundation: The very important feature of this foundation cream is that it is best suited for both dry and oily skin. It stays on the skin for at least 16 hours and gives complete protection to the skin during this period. This is also considered as one of the best foundation creams for sun protection.

4. Mac Studio Foundation: Some say that this foundation powder makes the user look like a movie star.  It gives the user such a fabulous look. This cream gives very good coverage and stays on the skin for long hours. It absorbs oil on the skin. Another important feature is that it does not form a cake on the skin. Because the powder is light, it does not block the pores on the skin.

5. Lara Mercier Silk Cream: This foundation is in the form of oil and it does not have any fragrance.  One of the important features of this oil foundation is that it hydrates the skin so the skin becomes healthy. It hides the wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. It is best suited for all types of skin.

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