5 Make-up Tips for a Fresh Face

A fresh face is always a desire for everyone to accomplish, and especially with today’s largely growing makeup industry, it becomes hard to select the right applications to keep a fresh face.

Here are the basic steps which you can follow to get that fresh face even between your hectic days.

Cleaning your face with water will ensure that your face is free from all the dirt. Exfoliating twice on a weekly basis will ensure your pores are free from the makeup left over’s and the dirt. Like a clean slate, you can begin your makeup procedure now.

It is always the foundation which everyone thinks about after getting their makeup kit. But in fact this is a wrong concept on doing makeup, especially when women use sparkles. The logic behind this is that that when you do the sparkles on the eye, or the dust from which falls from the eye shadow, obviously it will fall on the cheeks. Hence, when you later do the foundation, these particles get covered by the foundation or the concealer, which promises a flawless skin.

Remembering that even the neck and the chest also form a part of the makeup is very important. Foundation being applied on the face gives way to leave a mark across the face area which gives a mask effect of the face. In order to avoid this, see to it that the makeup is blended or extended towards your hairline, towards the neck, and also across the chest, especially when you are wearing a low neck dress.

Due to also the fact that men are normally are attracted and better commented about women who look natural, ensure that your makeup does not modify your natural beauty entirely. Least usage of makeup helps in creating a fresh face, rather than ending up looking like a drama queen.

Blush is an art which should be mastered to have that fresh natural face. A bit of pink blush on your cheeks will add up a refreshing look on your face and will be able to maintain that fresh face you always wanted.

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