5 Things Men Want In A Relationship

Men Want In A Relationship

So you think you are an expert on men. The problem is, most other women think so too. After all, how difficult can it be. The only thing men want is that three-letter-word, or so most women think – no, make that convincingly believe.

If that’s what you think too, it’s time to give yourself a shake, your lack of understanding a thrust, and your relationships with men a rethink. For it so happens that men are just as needy and emotional as the fairer sex. To know more, read on about the 5 things men want from a relationship.

A secure, confident partner. It’s a myth that men prefer simpering, coy women. Pile-ons, and dependent, emotionally weak women are put-offs. Nothing is a greater turn-on than a woman who knows what she wants (and is not afraid to voice it), is confident, sprightly and stable. What a man wants is a woman with character and substance.

An honest relationship. Mind games, manipulation and cunning are not the lot of men. Most men like their relationships to be simple and straightforward. Put your cards on the table and they’ll like you because they are like that too. Expect them to interpret your signals, translate your gestures or read your mind and you’ll be disappointed. Men are like babies in their need for simplicity. Fidelity and commitment rank among their topmost requirements.

Enough space of their own. Nagging, intruding, domineering women are certainly repulsive, and not just for their men. What men like is a woman who knows when to withdraw and when to invade their space. While they will willingly share all their things and ideas with you, men also want to be left alone with some private thoughts. Give them that luxury.

A complementing half. Men like partners who can be with them through all their troubles and fun, their activities and compulsions. A mature, confident woman who can advise them, a woman they can turn to in case of stress, a woman who is fun and can laugh at herself. They want a woman who’ll share their interests.

A woman who makes them feel complete. Love a man deeply, honestly and genuinely, show him you care, make him feel there is no one else like him, and he’ll be yours for keeps. It’s not vanity and if you flatter to deceive, you’ve had it. What men want is an honest woman who is devoted to them and prioritises them in her life.

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Shilpa Gupta