5 Tips To Make Your Own Hair Detangling Spray

Hair Detangling SprayDetangling your hair in general is quite a tall task and requires great patience. Trying to do it faster will cause damage to the hair uprooting them from the roots.Therefore, detangling sprays are used to separate the tresses without damaging the strands in any way.

Readymade detangling sprays are available in the market but besides being quite expensive they basically contain just conditioner mixed with water.As such it is a complete wastage to spend money on such products. It is a better idea to make the detangling sprays right at home.

Here Are 5 Tips To Make Your Own Hair Detangling Spray

Using Conditioner And Water

In a spray bottle mix some hair conditioner with water and shake well,so that both mix well together. Spray the mixture on the hair when you need to detangle the stubborn hair knots and then brush out with minimum effort. Voila! Your problem gets solved miraculously and without any fuss and mindless expenditure of money.

Using Essential Oil and Conditioners

Choose a clean spray bottle and fill in some water. Now add your regular conditioner in the water along with some drops of essential oils of your choice from lavender to rose essential oil. Now replace the cap and tighten it before shaking the mixture vigorously till all the ingredients mix evenly and completely.

Apply it on the hair as per requirement and say goodbye to the hair tangling problem. One benefit of making detangling sprays at home is that you can make it in keeping with your own specifications and are able to add the aroma of your choice or may even go even without having any.

Aloe Vera Gel Detangler

Take a clean plastic spray bottle and pour in it some boiled and cooled distilled water along with glycerin drops, aloe vera gel and some grapefruit oil. Now you may add any different kinds of essential oils of your choice from lavender, rosemary, chamomile to ylang ylang and tea tree; all of which are beneficial in some way or other. Shake the bottle thoroughly to mix together the ingredients. Do the shaking again before each use of the detangling solution.

Detangler Using Lavender

Pour lavender water in a plastic spray bottle and mix it with jojoba oil along with the contents on one vitamin E capsule. Replace the cap and shake well before using. Keep the detangler in a cool and dark place between uses.

Using Apricot Oil

An effective detangling spray can be prepared at home by using oil derived from the kernel of the apricot. In order to prepare this detangler first of all boil some distill water over flame in a saucepan.

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Once boiled remove the saucepan from the flame and let it cool off. Once the distill water is cooled off mix in your regular conditioner along with some drops of apricot oil along with rosemary and replace the lid and tighten.

The solution needs vigorous shaking to even out the contents and get a uniform mixture which can be used over time.

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