5 Ways To Install Family Values In Kids While Playing

5 Ways To Install Family Values In Kids While PlayingParents are exceedingly conscious about how their children are brought up. Bringing up your child with the right values is crucial especially in their formative years when character building is taking place. Most values are learnt and imbibed through positive interactions with peers, siblings, parents, teachers and grandparents.

Playtime and child based activities can be utilized constructively in inculcating these values. Let us see some ways in which we can teach children the right values through interaction and play.

5 Ways To Install Family Values In Kids While Playing

Learning To Share

Children are very egocentric especially in their toddler years. The innate selfishness has more to do with lack of understanding than intent. Children can be taught the importance of sharing through play. Encourage the child to share his/her toys initially with you and then with his/her peers.

Invite the child’s friends over and ask them to bring their toys. The children can then play together and enjoy each other’s toys. This lets the child learn the importance of give and take in a relationship. The joys of learning to give and receive are also relevant here. The importance of sharing in single child families is even more important.

Teaching The Child Manners

Manners like saying ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ are very important for sound moral development. Children inadvertently injure other children during play. At this time, it is appropriate to point out to the child that he/she has done something wrong and should say ‘sorry’. This gives the child a good idea of what is right and wrong. Similarly, you can thank and kiss your child with a smile every time he/she shares his/her toys or belongings with you.

5 Ways To Install Family Values In Kids While Playing

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Self Reliance And Independence

Teaching a child to be independent is very important in his/her growing up years. This can be inculcated at toddlerhood by enrolling the child in a play school where he/she learns to play independently without parental support and guidance. It also routines the child by teaching him/her punctuality like dressing on time and reaching school on time. The child learns the important value of time management.

Team Spirit And Relationship Building

This is a natural fall out to the above point. With positive interactions with other children, the child learns the important aspect of socializing and relationship building. With play and games, you can also teach the child the importance of losing with grace and playing with a sense of team spirit.


Children have to be made responsible and accountable for their actions. Putting time out restrictions, deadlines and curfews are one way of doing it. This makes the child realize that he/she cannot get away scot-free when he/she has failed to live up to a promise. Involve the child in the neatness and cleanliness of your home. Get them involved in household chores and be fair and impartial when delegating responsibilities. Sons and daughters should not be treated differently.

The Value Of Honesty

All children indulge in small white lies at some point in time. These are not totally preventable but engaging in big lies that are damaging is clearly not acceptable. Honesty comes through transparency and straightforwardness. Parents should give good and sound reasons when explaining their own actions without resorting to lies. This encourages the child to communicate honestly.

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