6 Reasons To Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercises During PregnancyExercising is generally good for the health. However, exercising during pregnancy can be beneficial for both the mother and the fetus in more ways than one. It is recommended that pregnant women opt for light, regular exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga to remain fit and active during pregnancy. But that’s not all.

So if you are pregnant and arguing about why you need to exercise in the first place, here are 6 reasons why you should! So get up from that couch and start exercising today!

Causes Of Exercise During Pregnancy

Extra Strength And Stamina To Survive D Day

From the first day of your pregnancy, you would start feeling very excited and a tad bit scared about ‘D’ day, i.e. your delivery date. And as the date nears, your fears of possible pain and complications start increasing. Will I be able to handle the pain? Will I be able to push? Will I have to go for a C section? These questions would keep on lingering at the back of your mind and make you a nervous wreck as the due date nears

Regular exercises can help you worry less about these issues. In addition to providing your body with that extra stamina and strength that you would need to push during delivery, exercising can ease the entire process and reduce the chances of you having to go in for a C section, a forceps delivery or possibly an episiotomy.

Control Over Mood Swings

Elevated hormone levels in the body during pregnancy can trigger violent mood swings that can make you extremely happy one instant and very depressed the next. Pregnant women are also more prone to conditions like stress, anxiety etc.

Mood Swings

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Regular exercising can keep you safe from these mood swings. It has been found out that exercises like yoga can relax your senses and help you cool down to great extents.

Reduced Risk Of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes affects pregnant women and usually disappears on its own after delivery. However, in some cases, it may remain in the body and cause other health related issues like Type II Diabetes in the long run. In addition to this, gestational diabetes would also increase the chances of premature delivery or health defects in the newborn. On the other hand, regular exercises can keep you safe from gestational diabetes and its associated effects by keeping your blood sugar levels regulated and healthy.

Managing Weight

One of the foremost concerns among pregnant women would be how to reduce weight after pregnancy. And while some women tend to just neglect their bodies after pregnancy, some tend to avoid putting on weight during pregnancy itself; an action that could potentially harm the baby.

It is recommended that women gain up to 12 kilograms of weight during pregnancy. And regular exercises would help them gain the prescribed amount in a healthy manner. It would also be easier for these women to reduce pregnancy fat after the baby is born.

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So instead of opting for other ways to gain weight during pregnancy (including snacking and bingeing etc.), choose exercises that could help you achieve the same in a steady, healthy manner.

Handling Pregnancy Related Symptoms

The first and last few weeks can be very tiring for a new mother who would experience plenty of bodily changes. As a result, she could stand chances of contracting issues like fatigue, frequent headaches, back pain, water retention, swelling and constipation etc.

Regular exercises can relax the muscles in the body and ease the effect of these symptoms. For example, exercises like yoga, swimming and water workouts can help pregnant women get relief from back pain while pelvic exercises can prevent constipation and its related effects.

Healthy And Active Babies

Regular exercises can keep you healthy and very active throughout your pregnancy. And studies have revealed that these kinds of traits would often rub off on the babies. So if you exercise regularly, you would be healthier and more active during your pregnancy, and would give birth to a healthy and active baby as well. Studies have also revealed that regular exercises can reduce the chances of a premature delivery to a great extent.

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