9 Ways To Minimize Laugh Lines

9 Ways To Minimize Laugh Lines

9 Ways To Minimize Laugh LinesLaugh lines are commonly the result of over exposure to the sun’s harmful rays or the habit of smoking. But these are not the only reasons one may find oneself getting laugh lines. Laugh lines, as the name suggests, can even be the got due to smiling and laughing through the years.

Though these lines normally occur as a person ages, they sometimes occur earlier in life, leading to a lot of embarrassment for the person concerned. They are not really a sickness although they can be embarrassing due to the fact that they reveal a person’s age, very often making them look older than they actually might be.

Since the mouth plays a very pivotal role in communicating with and expressing oneself in the presence of the people around us, the appearing of laugh lines is not a welcome thing for anybody.

There might not be natural methods that can make these laugh lines disappear, but there are many such common household remedies and simple exercise tips that can visibly reduce the appearance of these lines from around the area of your mouth.

The Benefits Of Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a complete must-have for cases of laugh lines. One of the major reasons why people develop laugh lines is due to the fact that they might be exposing their skin, particularly the area around the mouth, to the harmful and strong rays of the sun.

Purchase a good sunscreen that won’t melt away from your face easily. Add this to your regular beauty routine before stepping outdoors. You will find a noticeable reduction in the laugh lines that are already present and also you will be preventing the occurrence of future laugh lines too. Also make sure that your normal everyday lip gloss contains SPF so as to protect your lips from the sun as well.

Mandatory Moisturizing

Dry, dehydrated skin is going to do you a lot of harm. Be sure to follow a strict beauty regime wherein you are to moisturize your face well, after cleaning and wiping. Your moisturizer should not be too greasy yet it should hydrate your skin well.

There are many moisturizers that are specifically made for sensitive skin. These work best on skin that is prone to laugh lines. As your skin is regularly hydrated, you will find your lip lines slowly filling out and diminishing.

Hydrate Your Body Well

Surface hydration as in the case of regularly using moisturizers will do you good but only doing that, is not quite enough. You must make sure to consume sufficient amounts of water and citrus foods that help to keep your entire body hydrated.

9 Ways To Minimize Laugh Lines

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Once your body is hydrated, the cells of your laugh line skin will slowly and steadily gain volume and even out with the normal skin around your mouth. Consume at least eight glasses of water each day to keep your body well hydrated. You could add juices and squashes to your diet to get better and speedier results.

Get Rid Of Bad Habits

One of the worst triggers for laugh lines is smoking. Smoking is known to darken the lips and make the cells of the skin, limp and hollow. The dangerous effects of Nicotine are something a lot of us are aware of, and in the case of laugh lines these effects take a toll on the skin around your mouth.

What is the result of this, are the cells then collapse into dips and creases along the mouth area due to restricted blood circulation and a decrease in oxygen supplied to the skin cells. The repeated sucking action done during smoking so as to take in the smoke, cause the skin around the mouth to further crease and crinkle.


A completely natural way to plump up hollow skin cells, cucumber has been widely recommended in the treatment of laugh lines, by a number of skin experts. Wash and chop a fresh cucumber after which you are to grind it to a smooth pulp using your grinder.

Chill this paste for a while before putting it to use. Apply it liberally to the area surrounding your mouth and massage into the skin, gently. Wash off after about fifteen to twenty minutes. Regular usage of cucumber packs for your laugh lines will cause them to diminish visibly and steadily.

Fuller’s Earth

This mud is exceptionally beneficial in toning and tightening the facial skin. Mix it with a little plain water or rose water and apply it to the mouth area. Leave on like you would in the case of a regular facial pack. Wash off when it hardens and tightens. You will find a significant improvement in the laugh lines with regular, weekly usage.

The White Of An Egg

An ancient tried and tested remedy for the treatment of laugh lines, egg whites are known to nourish the skin back to its original condition. Whip up an egg white till smooth and frothy and then apply it to the laugh line area. Gently rub it into the skin to speed up absorption.

Having done that, you are to wait for at least twenty minutes so as to allow the nutrients from the egg, to be absorbed into the skin. Egg whites have a firming and toning action on the laugh lines, causing them to reduce and keeping future laugh lines away.


Honey is another very simple and effective remedy to treat and prevent the occurrence of laugh lines that ruin your appearance. Take a little honey on your fingertips and massage it firmly into the skin, so as to allow it to permeate the skin’s surface.

Honey acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin and helps to fill out any wrinkling; especially the fine wrinkles near the mouth (laugh lines). Using this honey pack is extremely beneficial owing to the fact that it suits every skin type and is free from harmful chemicals that are present in packaged beauty products.

Facial Exercises

One of the key things to decreasing laugh lines is facial exercise. There are many light exercises that target toning the facial muscles. A simple exercise can be smiling and pursing your lips successively.

Puffing your cheeks up with air and exhaling it after a few moments is another such exercise. You could also massage your facial skin regularly to help tone it and smooth out laugh lines.

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