Advantages And Disadvantages Of Body Waxing

Waxing is considered to be a cost-effective hair removal method compared to expensive laser treatments. While waxing removes hair from root, regular waxing results in slower and finer hair growth.

Waxing can be done to remove hair from all parts of the body. Waxing eyebrows, arms, legs, under-arm, back, chest, abdomen, bikini and the male genital area are common.

How is waxing done?

There are two kinds of wax; hot and cold. Hot wax requires heating before application, while cold wax is ready-to-use. There are also herbal waxes available that use natural ingredients such as honey, lemon and sugar. The steps involved in waxing are:

Step 1: Powder is used on the area to be waxed so that the wax does not stick to the skin.

Step 2: Wax is evenly spread using a wooden spatula or a blunt knife.

Step 3: A Waxing strip or muslin cloth is pressed on the wax.

Step 4: The strip is pulled in the opposite direction of hair growth with a quick movement.

Step 5: A soothing lotion is applied to the waxed area to moisturize and reduce redness of the skin.


* Effective and safe hair removal method.

* Large areas of hair are removed quickly, unlike laser hair treatments where it takes long hours and multiple visits.

* As hair is removed from the root, hair grows slower.

* Hair grows finer if done regularly.

* Skin is smooth and soft till hair grows back.


* It is painful, especially for new users.

* The cost is a bit more compared to razor hair removal and cream hair removal.

* If waxing is not done properly, there may be problems like hair growth in different direction, bumps and bleeding.

* Waxing is done only if the hair is at least 1/4 inch long.

* Hair in-growth.

Bikini, Brazilian and Male body waxing:

Bikini waxing is done in front and back depending on the type chosen. Brazilian wax or Hollywood wax is waxing the total bikini area; front, and down till back. Men wax the chest, back and genital areas. Waxing seems to be one of the worshiped rituals in today’s beauty world for both men and women. Safe Waxing!

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