African-American Hairstyles


african-american-hairstyleMost African-American women share a common bond – the bond of having to deal with an unmanageable hair texture.  For years African-American women have had to resort to using harmful chemicals to relax and straighten their curls instead of learning to work with their beautifully curly hair.

The look of natural curls can be just as amazing, funky and attractive as straight, smooth hair.  Women with natural curls need to treat their curls properly so that the hair does not become brittle and damaged.  The biggest problem that African-American face with their curly hair is frizzes.  To keep the frizzes at bay, add a moisturizing product to the hair while it is still slightly wet.

If your curls are thick, buy a cream moisturizing product.  A moisturizing lotion can be used on curly hair that is thin.  Steer clear of heavy products such as hair waxes as they will cause the hair to become dry which will in turn create more frizzes.

Other products that African-American women should avoid in addition to waxes are any products that contain alcohol.  Even the smallest amount of alcohol in a product can dry the hair out.

It is also important to get a good haircut to maintain unruly, curly hair.  Short hairstyles work great for African-American women.  With a short hairstyle, you can alternate between wearing it straight, adding small curls or letting it curl up naturally and freely.  Short hair accentuates beautiful facial features and is easier to prepare every day.

Another technique that African-American women can try to manage their hair is adding braids.  Braids can be woven into the hair using just the natural hair or by adding natural or synthetic hair extensions to get any desired length or style.  If you choose to braid your hair, make sure that the braids are not in too tight.  Continuously wearing tight braids will cause the hair to get thin and even fall out.

Sticking with your natural curls allows you to embrace your African-American heritage and all of its beauty.  You can save some money by maintaining the curls yourself.  After washing and conditioning your hair, twist the curls, secure them and let them sit for a couple of days.

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