Airbrush Nail

No matter how finely shaped a woman’s fingers are, it’s her fingernails she would always take pride in. They may just be a little part of our appearance but it plays a great role.

Nails are practically essential in defining a person’s character. It reflects one’s perception in terms of personal hygiene practices. Taking care of you nails leaves the impression that you never neglect small details in your life.

Nail trends today

Nowadays, there are many things a woman can do with her nails that would challenge her creativity. The good old nail polish way, particularly if it’s painstakingly done personally, may take a considerable amount of time, effort and back pain.

Thankfully, the new airbrushing technique of nail polishing beautifully paints nails in a short time. This effective method is designed to help a woman get out of her shell and bring out her adventurous side by trying her own creative design at nail polishing. Typically, a woman would visit the salon for a good pampering after beating the stressful days or weeks that have passed. Well now, women have a new and exciting outlet to get de-stressed.

How much will it cost?

Nail airbrushing is a little costly when you have this done at the salon. But you can actually do this at home to save you from spending much over your nails.

Here’s how:

First, prepare acetone, airbrush and a nail stencil. Clean your nails using the acetone, not only does acetone clean the nails but it helps in the permanence of nail paint design. Start with an application of base coat on your nails and paint the nail with the color that you have selected for the background. When it dries up, place the stencil on the nail according to your design.

You can start with a simple nail stencil and with more practice, you can try a more intricate design. When you’re done, spray the color over the stencil using the airbrush gun. As a final touch, top coat your nails and let it dry.

This should do it. Your finished product must be vibrant and display perfectly the design that you’ve just created.

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