Applying Emo Makeup

emo-makeupEmo makeup is similar to Punk and Goth makeup. What sets it apart is the focus on the eyes. Both boys and girls use Emo makeup, and can combine it with Gothic makeup.

However just as with Gothic makeup, over doing Emo makeup, for example by applying black lipstick, can be disastrous. Using a base and primer as eyeliner that doesn’t run is a better idea.

Tips On Applying Emo Makeup

The easiest way to apply Emo makeup is to first powder the face and make it look pale.  Then apply mascara. Keep the lips simple, using light lip gloss, a pale lipstick or a lip balm.

Using a darker lipstick shade is a good idea when it matches the skin tone.  Apply a makeup foundation that matches your skin tone or is slightly lighter.  Choosing colors that work well within the Emo makeup scheme and with your skin tone.

Emo Eye Makeup

Applying contrasting colors to create a soft look in the eye area is essential. If you wind up with splotches while doing your eye makeup and applying mascara, clean the mess without touching the facial makeup.  Then apply dark eyeliner to the upper and lower eyelids.

emo eye makeup

Both men and women can wear mascara when they apply Emo makeup. Using liquid eyeliner that is black in color is easiest; but dark colors like forest green, midnight blue, and charcoal grey can also be used. Use eyeliners that glide smoothly. The use of eye paints is also advisable.

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Apply eyeliner to the eyelid from the end of the lash to a rounded corner. Girls can try brighter shades of turquoise, pink, and red eye shadow up to the eyebrows.  Once the eyeliner dries, apply the eye shadow.

Applying an eye shadow with contrasting colors, for example pink eye shadow with grey eyeliner, silver eye shadow with blue eyeliner and coloring under the lower eyelashes are all consistent with Emo makeup. Eyeliners can also be used to design flowers and cats’ eyes on either side of the eyes.

Emo makeup is considered complete only when deep red lip colors and lilac lip gloss are applied to balance the facial makeup.  The intent is to balance the face and not attract all the attention.  The use of blush is not advised, as it draws attention away from the eyes. Using a touch of water during application helps the makeup stay on for a longer period of time.

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