Aqua Jogging – The Best Way To Lose Weight

Many people  are opting for aqua jogging exercises to lose weight. Aqua jogging also known as water jogging or aqua jog is basically a low impact exercise, where an individual jogs in water.

Aqua jogging is ideally suited for people recovering from or those who want to avoid injuries that are associated with various high impact exercises.

Aqua jogging is a simple exercise routine which can be learnt quickly by anyone wanting to indulge in this water  exercise. Water jogging is replacing many time honored traditional exercise routines and is nowadays a part of different kinds of injury rehabilitation workouts and cross training exercises. This high resistance, low impact exercise can be done even by pregnant women but under proper supervision.

The water buoyancy cushions the body weight and hence there are lesser chances of joint aches and muscular pains associated with other exercise forms. Aqua aerobics is a perfect summer time exercise routine but it can be performed even in winter seasons in heated pools.

Water jogging helps to improve the body posture, increases blood circulation, increases energy, strength and flexibility levels, helps to lose and maintain weight levels, tones up the body and aids in developing lean muscles. Aqua jogging is also a heart healthy exercise.

Unlike other exercise routines, water jogging does not require you to invest in any costly exercise equipment. The basic equipment required for this water based exercise routine is a good swimsuit or swim wear; a good pair of aqua or water shoes; some type of flotation or aqua jogger belt and a water resistant watch.

Aqua jogging can be broadly classified as shallow water jogging and deep water aqua jogging. Shallow water jogging as the name indicates involves jogging in the shallow or low end of the pool. Shallow water jogging resembles normal jogging as the feet make contact with the pool floor. Shallow jogging is relatively a higher impact water exercise as compared to deep water jogging.

If you prefer a non impact water exercise, then opt for deep aqua jogging which is performed in the deep end of the pool. People suffering from various knee problems can indulge in this no impact water exercise.

Consult a physician before starting on aqua jogging and do this exercise in a pool with a lifeguard on standby at all times.