Are You Not Satisfied With Your Bra? Know How To Find Your Perfect Bra

Most probably a woman makes maximum effort in search of a perfect bra like no other garments. Trying on different bras and spending much on this, some women may be disgusted.

Presently there are bras in the market with many features, but most of them are not perfect bra. A bra may be worthless, unless it fits you.

A perfect means well-fitting bra plays an important role to support and enhance.  It holds your breasts and keeps them in shape. If can’t do so, it is not perfect for you. Actually, most of the available bras bought by women are not designed accurately. That is why, surveys show that 80 percent women are wearing wrong bra! Believe it, or not.

When you wear a right bra, you feel more comfort. It also makes you look more youthful and slimmer. On the other hand, wearing a wrong bra makes you look older and bulkier. And being disappointed, sometimes you may even want to rip the wrong bra and throw it out. This problem is meeting you repeatedly because you have not made out your specifications till now.

In this article, we are going to discuss which bra style you should choose, how to calculate your accurate bra size and how a bra gets well-fitting. So you may find your right bra and know the wrong one.

Bra Styles: Choose The Right One

Always keep in mind that you should buy a bra considering its style and fit. Also pick from the basic colors like black, skin and white. Choose the bra styles matching with your wardrobe. Pick yours from different kinds of bra like sports bra, T-shirt bra, salwar kameez bra,  soft cup, padded, demi-cup, convertible and push-up bra. Prefer a bra without joints to get rid of lines.

A convertible bra is very flexible. It is amazingly convenient. You can convert straps to any style depending on your clothes that you plan to wear. You may also opt for the low back convertible bra. With this style you may set your bra back to as low as you need to get the compatibility with lower back or backless clothes without any hesitations.

T-shirt bras have some advantages that they are smooth and joint less. They support your breasts comfortably. Again, if you plan to wear low neck opening dress or tops, then Demi cup bra is appropriate for that. Demi cup bra is designed to exposes more of your upper breast. If you don’t want any hooks on your back, select a bra that has front lock. The limitation of this style bra is that adjustment of size is not flexible as it has only one hook.

If you have small breasts, then select a padded bra.  That is well suited for you as your figure gets fulfillment by it. Large busted women, please pick a minimizing bra that makes your breasts look smaller. If you like to expose your cleavage and want to look hotter, then choose a push up bra that pushes your breasts up and thus cleavage created.

How To Know The Right Size?

When your bra is uncomfortable, you have chosen the wrong one for your body. Again, if your look does not get better with your bra than without it, be sure that it is not right at all for your body.

When you are wearing a wrong bra you may face problems like: The straps may either fall off or dig into your shoulders leaving deep marks, the band either may pinch your rib cage or ride on your back, the cups get odd looking and it seems that your breasts are getting out of them and even create “dented” look under your clothes. Even a wrong bra’s straps may catch your arms when you moving them forward while walking or doing something else.

If you are facing any of above mentioned problems, be sure that you’re wearing the bra of wrong size or the wrong style. To get rid of all your hassles, first detect your accurate bra size by following steps:

First, find your measuring tape, grab it and stand up straight. Put the tape just under your breasts and around your body. Keep the tape’s level parallel to the floor equally in the front and back. The tape should rest smoothly on your skin. Note the nearest integer number in inch. If you get an even number, add 4 to it and the result will show your band measurement. In case of an odd number, just add 5.

To get your bust measurement, put the tape up and hold it to the peak of your breasts  smoothly. Keep the tape level as you did to measure band size.  Note the nearest integer number in inch.

Now you can get your cup size. Just deduct the band measurement (with the addition of 4 or 5) from the bust measurement. Thus each whole-number difference indicates your cup size. Increase in every inch represents different cup sizes.

One inch difference indicates A and two, three and four inches difference indicates B, C and D respectively. For example, if your bust measurement is 37 inches, and the band measurement is 36 inches, the bra size is a 36A. Again, if your bust measurement is 38 and the band is 36, then 36B is yours and so on.

Know The Right Fit

Different bras don’t fit same way, though they get same style. Different manufacturers produce different bras. When you find a brand that suits your shape, be loyal to it. While buying a bra, check the following fit in the trial room:


Smoothly holds your bust, with no “denting” look. It contains full bottom of the breast and will not poke in or stick out.


Fitting closely but comfortably, you can even pass one finger in between it and your skin. It should be level all the way around. If you get the “back fat”, it’s probably not suitable for you.

Center Panel:

This part in between two cups will lie on your breastbone. But for strapless or minimizing bra, this may not be possible.


They should stick around, but not dig in. The straps only bear about 10 percent of your breast weight. Mainly the band does this job. If straps are falling off your shoulders, try another bra that has straps in closer positions.

Lastly, a perfect bra should lift and make complete your shape smoothly without any pain.