Basic Hair And Skin Care: 8 Beauty Tips You Better Avoid

Beauty Tips You Better AvoidGetting perfect skin and hair is not an impossible feat, thanks to the countless numbers of beauty products and treatments that can be found nowadays. However, achieving that perfect look is only half the job well done.

You need to take extra measures to remain beautiful in the long run. And that can be achieved to a great extent if you tend to ‘not follow’ a few tips mentioned below.

Skin Care

Dry Skin Completely Before Moisturising

Why You Should Not Follow This: Moisturizers tend to stick better to damp skin. And they remain that way for hours after your skin dries up. So after a shower, pat your skin lightly with a towel and apply a moisturiser to your skin to keep the latter smooth the day through.

Wear Eye Cream At Night

Beauty Tips to avoid

Why You Should Not Follow This: The skin under the eye happens to be one of the most sensitive areas in the body. And although wearing an eye cream can effectively remove dark circles or prevent wrinkles. However, keeping them on all night long can lead to puffy eyes in the morning. So make sure to wipe them off gently (with a cotton ball) at least 15 minutes after application.

Wash And Scrub Your Face Frequently To Reduce/Prevent Pimples

Why You Should Not Follow This: Repeated washing will make the skin on the face dry. This would make the body secrete more oil to counteract the dryness, a factor that would cause more acne. Scrubbing repeatedly would also cause the pores to open up and spread the infection to other parts of the face.

Instead of repeatedly washing your face with soap, wash it at the most 3 times a day with a good quality face wash. Choose a scrub that has round beads of the same size and use it just once a week to remove impurities from your face.

Your Skin Doesn’t Change After Waxing/Shaving/Laser Hair Removal

Some Beauty Tips To Avoid

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Why You Should Not Follow This: These treatments tend to make the skin very sensitive (temporarily). So you need to be extra careful about sun exposure immediately after opting for any one of these three treatments. Stay in the shade for at least 2 hours before venturing out under the sun.

Nail Care

You Need To File Even The Corners Of The Nails

Why You Should Not Follow This: Nails are more prone to breakage at the corners. So filing the corners could weaken them and possibly lead to breakage.

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You Can Cut Out The Cuticle Of It Pops Up

Few Tips To Avoid

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Why You Should Not Follow This: Pushing back or cutting cuticles could potentially lead to scarred skin and tissues. So always make it appoint to maintain cuticles by using a good quality cuticle remover by which you can remove the dead tissue after proper exfoliation.

Hair Care

An Oil Massage A Day Keeps Hair Fall At Bay

Why You Should Not Follow This: If your hair fall problem is related to either a hormonal imbalance or a hereditary trait, chances are that an oil massage could aggravate the situation instead of controlling it. Ascertain the cause for hair fall before opting for oil massages. And make it a point to never rub hair vigorously.

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday For It Would Cause Hair Fall

Some Tips To Avoid

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Why You Should Not Follow This: The hair tends to attract all kinds of impurities on a daily basis. And so it doesn’t hurt to wash your hair every day. Just be careful of how much shampoo you use and try opting for mild, herbal products to prevent side effects that might arise due to chemical based shampoos.

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