Bath Salts – For an Invigorating Bath Experience

Adding a teaspoon of bath salts into your regular bath water opens up a whole new dimension to your bathing experience. The humble bath salts have hidden powers which go beyond simply scenting your bath water.

Bath salts which normally have either Sea salt or Epsom salts as their base ingredients can relieve you of any tenderness which you experience after an arduous day at work. It can also ease muscular tensions, spasms, back pain, arthritic pain and even aching legs and feet.

The aromatherapy infused bath salts are excellent for calming your frayed nerves after multitasking through the course of the day. Instead of opting for store bought bath salts you can prepare bath salts easily at home.

Include your family members in preparing these simple bath salt recipes and turn the whole thing into a fun family experience.

Mediterranean Citrus Bath Salts
Be transported into a Mediterranean island with a dash of these awesome smelling bath salts in your regular bath water. To prepare this rejuvenating bath salt recipe, mix two cups of Epsom salts with one cup of sea salt, half a cup of baking soda and five drops each of grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange and tangerine essential oils. Mix the salts well in a glass bowl. As a final touch add a drop of orange food coloring. Store the bath salts in a clean glass jar and put a few teaspoons of these heavenly smelling bath salts into your bath water.

Basil and Lime Scented Bath Salts
Mix five cups of coarse sea salt with one teaspoon of baking soda in a glass bowl and set it aside. In another glass bowl, mix two teaspoons of almond oil with five drops of lime scented oil, four drops of basil oil, and a drop each of yellow and green food coloring. Mix the ingredients contained in the second bowl well and pour it into the first bowl containing the salt and baking soda mixture.  Add a few teaspoons of this bath salt into your bath water and experience the difference.

Red Earth and Sea Salt Bath Salt Recipe
In a zip lock bag mix one tablespoon of powdered red earth clay, two tablespoons of sea salt and three tablespoons of baking soda with eight drops each of palmarosa, bergamot, lavender and geranium essential oils and add it to your bath water.

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