Beginners Yoga For Weight Loss: To Get That Dream Shape

Beginners Yoga For Weight LossHow many times have you heaved a sigh when a person with the perfect abs walked past you? When was the last time that you looked at your friend’s well toned legs with a hint of jealousy? Doesn’t it hurt you when someone around you flaunts his or her trimmed waistline?

Well, it is time to change things and turn the table. Using the simple beginners yoga poses you can really get the shape of your dreams. A regular practice of yoga can bring down those unwanted extra kilos in your body. Yoga has no side effect, so if you want to go for a weight loss program, there is not much of a worry. Yoga has a uniform and balanced effect your body.

In addition, not only will you lose those extra pounds but beginners yoga weight loss refines your soul as well. Owing to its capability of balancing lives, yoga is extremely sought after today. When you plan to start something for the very first time lot of questions start budding up in your head. It is very natural for a beginner of yoga to have questions.

The curiosity, the inquisitiveness proves the beginners interest in the particular field. Before starting with yoga, you all would first want to know more about the whole world of yoga. Getting to know everything fluently will not only develop our interest but also dedicate us to practicing yoga rigorously.

Beginners yoga work out for toned legs and thighs

Practicing the right yoga asanas the right number of time daily can bring in that change in your body structure very easily. Surya namaskara daily minimum 10 rounds without stopping can very easily bring down your weight by a couple of kilos within one month. Several other yoga poses can help you tone your body, which we will be talking about in the next section.

The stretching and working out in yoga helps you to burn fat much easily. Forget the complex pull-ups and the tough crunches. Here comes brikshashan to your rescue. Stand with one feet on the ground, arms by sides and body in straight alignment. Inhale and pull up your hands over your head and exhale slowly. Repeat the same with your other feet on the ground. Do the same for 3-4 times. Remember to breathe slowly and evenly.

Beginners yoga work out for a trimmed waist

Yoga is a holistic practice, which actually energizes and takes care of every single element of the body. It takes care of every joint, muscles, and every organs of the body. Yoga is a unique practice, which only requires the performing of several different postures by synchronizing the breathing. It does not require any machines, any diet etc. be it weight loss for which we want to practice yoga or be it just to keep fit.

Yoga has an answer for all of us. Shedding all those extra pounds from your waist has never been this easy. Ustrashana involves sitting on your knees taking deep breaths to begin with. Next, slowly bend backwards in such a way that it creates a half arc. Now with your hands, hold your corresponding feet and exhale. Try to repeat the stance 4-5 times. Some of you might have some other problems because of which you are gaining weight.

It can also be controlled by yoga. Be it hypothyroidism, or any digestive ailments or the reason can be hereditary as well. Never mind kriya practices will help you positively. Performing early morning kriya helps; you purify and cleanse your mind and soul perfectly, which cures the ailments from inside. It is only by using lukewarm water that kriya produces such an elaborate result, which even daily asana practice, is not capable of giving you.

Beginners yoga work out for the perfect abs

How about getting the perfect pack of abs, without visiting the gym even once? Try Sarbangaasana and get your much awaited flat tummy. All you need is to lie down on your back and breathe steadily. Now try to pull one leg up, bring it in a complete vertical position, and exhale. Try the same with the other leg. Now repeat the same step now with both legs pulled up vertically.

Breathing plays a key role in yoga asanas, the perfect inhaling and exhaling through postures rapids the body metabolism, burning the calories and relieving stress as well. Vrikhasana, pashimutasana, sarvangasana are namely the few asana practices apart from surya namaskar that a beginner can try according to their capacity to bring out the best of yoga.

Tiger breathing and deep breathing is what you can practice in between these asanas to relax and cool down your body. There are a few mandatory points, which you are required to follow while beginning yoga practice for the first time. Every day practicing yoga for 45 min to 1 hr is compulsory.

For best results, the practice must be done in the early mornings. The metabolic rate of our body is very high during this time, which helps in getting the best results during the mornings. Doing yoga almost 4 hours after a meal is very effective.

Beginners yoga poses have a number of advantages over any other kind of exercise. They are simple to do, hassle free and need neither any equipment nor any extra space. Besides helping to tone the body, these poses also are helpful in controlling the breathing rate and hence keeping the heart in a perfect condition. Try them at your home now and watch your dream come true! Keeping all this in mind can get you started.

A regular practice is what yoga demands. If you keep, practicing regularly and rigorously best results are bound to come our way. However, yoga has no side effects but then also breaking, the rhythm of practice will be taking you back to that place from where you began. Be it weight loss, be it any other ailments yoga has an answer to everything only choosing the right instructor and practicing regularly can bring in all the change.

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