Benefits Of Natural Essential Oils

Benefits Of Natural Essential OilsWhen people discovered the importance of plants in the maintenance of young and beautiful skin, they also realized that the magic components are essential oils. Since then, essential oils became a by-word in the search for skin and body treatment of ladies, as well as men.

If we go back in time, the use of essential oils from plants has been practiced earlier, for many years, in the ancient kingdoms of the East and West. These essential oils are derived from the extracts of several natural herbs and may involve various parts of these plants, which can be the fruits, flowers, roots or leaves.


The characteristic smell of the flowers or the leaves is a unique identification of such plants. The magic of the smell can have a soothing and refreshing feel. The science that developed from this knowledge about essential oil and the treatment that it can provide is known as Aromatherapy.  In this discipline, herbal essential oils are used principally to heal, rejuvenate and enhance beauty and well-being. It is used for to improve physical and psychological health. This particular therapy is safe and convenient, that is why it is patronized by people coming from different walks of life and different regions of the world for some time now.

How are essential oils prepared?

They are extracted as volatile substances from herbs and flowers. In addition, fruits, roots, stem and leaves can also give out essential oils. The essential oil is distilled by either water or steam from the various parts of the plant. Essential oils are commonly clear liquids. They are very concentrated and a small drop can go a long way.

These may be inhaled or steamed and inhaled indirectly. For people who have allergies to essential oils but will benefit from them, a dilute formulation is recommended. Why are they effective? The answer is the brain which facilitates the function of the oils through its limbic system and brings about the stimulation of specific chemicals as well as emotions of the body. The molecules from the oils pass through the lungs and are dispersed into the bloodstream.

Soothing Massage

A massage using essential oils can enhance the effectiveness of the oils and enable the essential oils to reach the muscles and other internal parts where they are needed. It is therefore recommended that one undergoes a massage of essential oils every once in a while.

Refreshing Bath

A few drops of essential oils in your bathing water can do wonders for you. Mix it into your bathwater and spend a few minutes soaking and relaxing in your bathtub. Afterwards, you will feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Natural Pesticides

Essential oils are not only used for physical and psychological health. They are also used for various purposes around the household. They can be used as a natural pesticide. The essential oil extracted from the citronella plant is very effective as a natural insect repellant.


They can also be used to freshen up the home. A few drops of essential oils onto an aromatherapy diffuser or a lamp scent ring can make the room smell good and improve your mood as well.

Very popular sources of essential oils are Almond and Apricot. Macademia Nuts, Avocado and Olive are also equally effective but must be used with caution. Some edible nuts can also provide essential oils like Pecan, Peanut and Shea Butter.

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