Birthday Ideas For Girls On 6th Birthday

Birthdays are special moments for all of us may it be young or old. You have lots of wishes and gifts that make you feel special. However to a 6-year-old girl her birthday is more than just this. She is growing up fast, has friends and has also learnt little things from here and there and has an opinion of her own too.

She tells her parents all that she wants. It is no more a Birthday celebration of a kid but this birthday has much more to it. As from now onwards you may have ideas from her about her birthday celebrations.

Birthday Ideas For Girls On 6th Birthday

Arrange A Theme Party

A 6-year-old often refers to herself as a grown up girl and would like to place her own opinions about things. She knows lot more about her surroundings and crossing her nursery level in school thinks herself quite a young lady now. This birthday has to have a theme party. It may be from her favorite cartoon or from something like Hannah Montana or Halloween. The venue needs be arranged accordingly.

If it is Hannah Montana she needs the room to be so decorated with pictures of Hannah Montana everywhere. If it is her favorite cartoon, look out for wall hangings and posters and wallpapers everywhere. Halloween however has to be something different, with both fairies and demons and probably with a lot of big, round pumpkins everywhere. In all it is as per her wishes that her parents work on her birthday party plans. Mommy dear has a lot to do to fulfill her darling’s wishes.

Select The Venue

This is a big task. You might be looking for some bigger space to accommodate your guests, so you need to do the booking early. On the day you have to decorate the place and look after everything before your guests arrive. Things should look highly impressive to your guests. Room adorned with balloons and paper ribbons will certainly add to the beauty of the room.

Cake And Chocolates

The birthday cake too has to be very special too. The little lady has already spoken a lot about the cake to her friends in school. See to it that the cake is delivered on time, before her friends arrive. Again the cake too has to be in keeping with the theme, a fairy with a magic wand or Hannah Montana with her guitar or a cartoon character.

With this comes the main dish too. What is your darling’s favorite food that she wishes to share with her friends on her birthday? Cheese Pizza! So be it. You need to order the pizzas and see to it they are served hot. You should have a big box of chocolate ready for the kids after all children love chocolates.

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Birthday Dress

This is very important, as you would always like your darling to look like a princess on her birthday. You may buy her a beautiful pink party wear; tie up her hair with pink ribbons and let her have her favorite magic wand. Look how pretty your little darling looks. Do not forget her newly bought crown. Make sure you have the party hats ready for the children too. You can also them whistles.

Birthday Party Games

The little ones always enjoy birthday party games. You can make some arrangements beforehand to make your daughter’s party interesting. Putting a ball through the open jaws of a demon or tailing the monkey will go well with your daughter’s theme party. You will be only too glad to see your 6-year-old and her friends enjoying the party.