Black Tea Benefits

Who doesn’t like a cup of steaming hot tea first thing in the morning? Along with green, white and oolong tea; black tea is a variety of tea which is widely consumed around the world.

Black tea is one tea which retains its true rich flavor probably because it happens to be one of the most oxidized tea types.

Black tea is obtained from the camellis sinesis plant, the same plant from which oolong and green tea are obtained. Research has shown that drinking a cup of black tea everyday can have amazing benefits on your health and general wellbeing. Black tea is a heart healthy tea.

Drinking black tea regularly over an extended period time can help in reducing high blood pressure problems and preventing the hardening of the arteries.

Black tea contains tannin which can help in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Drinking a cup of black tea especially if you are suffering from diarrhea will reduce the discomfort associated with diarrhea. Black tea which has been steeped for fifteen minutes and drunk unsweetened is a popular home remedy for diarrhea.

The hormone cortisol is responsible for creating stress. People who drink black tea regularly have been known to have lower amounts of cortisol in their blood. Studies have shown that black tea drinkers are more relaxed and free of stress than people who do not drink black tea.

Black tea is rich in polyphenols an antioxidant which can protect the cells from the ravages caused by the free radicals which are present in the atmosphere. The cells which are damaged by free radicals can give rise to disease conditions like atherosclerosis, blood clots and cancer.

A little know fact about black tea is that it helps in the weight loss process. Metabolism rates of the body are increased when we consume black tea which in turn helps in burning fat faster.

Black tea contains fluorides which help in stopping tooth decay by fortifying the tooth enamel. The black tea contains powerful anti ageing properties. So don’t forget to drink a cup or two of black tea daily. Black tea is also known to help people suffering from asthma. Drinking black tea helps in enlarging the air passage which makes breathing easier.