Bland Diet Plan - Diet For Gastrointestinal Problems & Foods To Eat On A Bland Diet |

Bland Diet – To Soothe Gastrointestinal Problems

People who suffer from different kinds of gastrointestinal disorders are advised by their doctors to eat a bland diet. A bland diet is ideal for people suffering from dyspepsia, ulcerative colitis, acid reflux condition and chronic gastritis. Foods which have low acidity levels are soft and have mimum seasoning can be incorporated into a bland diet plan.

Although portions control is followed in a bland diet, a person does not experience any significant weight loss while on this diet . Instead this diet is designed to reduce discomfort experienced by people having gastrointestinal conditions. Once a person recovers from the gastro intestinal discomfort, they can resume their normal balanced diet.

A bland diet is a soft diet that is consumed by individuals suffering from bowel problems, gas buildup, heart burn, chronic gastritis, vomiting or constant nausea and those healing from hiatal hernia. As the name indicates this diet is devoid of spicy or sour ingredients which may irritate the delicate inner lining of the stomach. The bland diet is also a low fiber diet.

Planning a bland diet requires proper preparation and careful consideration. The bland diet should be tailor made to soothe an inflamed gastro intestinal tract while meeting the nutritional requirements of an individual. While planning a bland diet menu take into consideration a persons lifestyle, food intolerance and avoid food items are gastric irritants.

Some of the food items which can be included into a bland diet menu are soy milk, milk, peanut butter, tofu, oatmeal, potatoes, lean meat, almond butter, eggs, ripe bananas, buttermilk, cheese, soup, pudding and custards among others.

Pickles, coffee, fried foods, dried fruits, whipped cream, fresh berries, sauerkraut, smoked or cured meats, high fat ice cream and alcohol are some of the food items to be avoided completely.

Consult your physician or your dietitian to help you plan your bland diet menu. Besides advising you on the food items to be included and those that have to be avoided, a health practitioner can also guide you on the supplements to be taken to meet your daily nutritional requirements.

If you suffer from distention, acidity or stomach ulcers you can have the six meal bland diet which encourages you to eat six small meals.Besides eating a bland diet, people who are prone to hyper acidity, gastritis and stomach ulcers should try not to get upset easily.