Body Building And Teenagers

bodybuilding-teenagersHow Does  Body Building Benefit Teens?

More and more teenagers are gravitating toward the gym and fitness clubs.  Teens want their muscles built up to show off to their friends.  Because of the media, more and more teens have the desire to join the fashion trend of big muscular bodies.

The reasons teens are drawn to body building are varied.  Self-esteem is one prime reason.  Body building also builds their level of confidence in themselves.  Some teen boys see body building as a way to attract the opposite sex while others really just want to be healthy and fit.

The proper age for beginning a body building program is when the child feels he is ready as the workouts are intense.  It depends on the habits already formed in the teen.  Some have been doing exercise programs and their bodies are ready for beginning a more intense training program of body building while others have to spend time to build up their body to get ready for the beginning the rigors of body building.

Another big part of body building is the dedication.  It not only takes physical strength but it also needs a positive mindset of dedication to the program.

When teens decide to take on a body building regime there are some common things that they do incorrectly.  Teens tend to ignore the cardio workout but this is a bad idea.  The aerobic workout builds and changes the metabolism which is just as important as bulking up the muscles.

Over-training is a dangerous thing that a lot of teens will do because of their youthful exuberance.   Between workouts it is necessary to give the muscles the proper amount of time to recuperate and adjust.

Once the teen begins to gain that new body, his popularity with the ladies and appreciation of his peers cause him to neglect his exercise routine.  Some teens will fall victim to the temptations of improper eating, alcohol, partying and lack of sleep.  This is dangerous when he is involved in the rigors of a strenuous body building program.

Ultimately the pitfalls a teen faces when he is dedicated to body building are many but the benefits are much greater.  Consistency is the key and dedications to what he knows or learns are proper activities.  Hopefully this will stay with him throughout his entire life.