Body Piercing Types And Precautions

Body Piercing Types And Precautions  Do you wish to get your body part pierce seeing your other friends? Do your parents object on this? Body piercing is one of the most common things we all come across today. 

Earlier piercing was restricted to ears and nose only.  Girls often used to get excited that they are going to pierce their ears. Nose piercing was somehow restricted to different cultures.  Well, those were the things of the past.

Types of Body Piercing

The trend today calls for different parts of the body getting pierced.  For example, Navel piercing, tongue piercing, eyebrow piercing and the list just go on. These are some of the most common parts discussed.  Youth today get their lips pierced, nipple and other private parts too. Wondering why they must be doing it?  Well, the youth today find it really ‘cool’ as ‘they’ say, getting their parts pierced.

The most common of all is getting the navel pierced.  It is also known as the ‘Belly Button’.  People find it hot and sexy.  All the Bollywood and Hollywood stars show off their ‘belly button’ pierced.  And so the youth follows.  Piercing is the latest fad. It is always better to have both the pros and cons of piercing a part before actually going for it.

Body Piercing Precautions

Whenever a person wants to go for a particular thing, the first thing that comes in the mind is ‘How much would it cost?’  Before going for any kind of body piercing make sure you have a fair idea of the price.  Also it is very important for you to make up your mind whether you really want to go for piercing or not.  If you feel uneasy in your mind to decide it is advisable to wait for some time and then give it a proper thought.

The next most important thing one must consider before getting the part of the body pierced is the place.  It is very important for you to know and see where you will get yourself pierced.  The place should be tidy and a professional must only pierce it.  Do not let anyone else other than professional piercers pierce your body.  Else, you may invite problems for yourself.  The tool from which the part will get pierced is the next significant thing. Make sure the tool is sterilized before going for piercing.  Otherwise it may infect you of various diseases including HIV.  Ensure that the tool gets sterilized in front of you.

If you feel any kind of irritation on your skin, stop the piercing process there and then.  Loss of excessive blood is another factor when you should stop the process.  Make sure you first ask the professional piercer about the pros and cons of getting a particular body part pierced.

If you want to get your nipple pierced, make sure you are not pregnant.  You may face problems in feeding your infant in near future.  In case you want to get your navel pierced, do not go ahead if you are pregnant.Always consult your doctor before going for things such as body piercing and tattoos.  It will only help you and not harm you.