Breast Feeding Clothes For Mothers

Breastfeeding ClothesAs the time for your delivery nears, you would probably have to start making some changes to your existing wardrobe. For post childbirth, it would take a couple of months for you to come back to your original form. And so, within that period, you need to choose clothing that would suit your current body frame.

Added to that is the prospect of breast feeding wherein you would need to feed your baby at least once in 2 hours. Normal clothes would never do at this stage as it would become very cumbersome to keep on removing your top every time you want to feed your baby, something that would become all the more nerve wracking if you happen to be outside somewhere.

Maternity clothing or breast feeding clothes can be the perfect answers to your woes in this case. Subtly designed to hide your overly curvaceous figure, these clothes would also enable you to feed your infant as discreetly as possible whenever and wherever required. So as you start counting the days to your delivery, better make sure that you stock up your wardrobe with a few of these essential garments.

Different Types Of Breast Feeding Clothes For Mothers

Maternity Clothing

Your body would remain bloated even after delivery, thanks to all that extra water weight. It would take some time for you to return back to your normal shape. So instead of buying over sized garments and then stitching them down to size later on, opt for specially designed maternity clothes that are loose around the waist and come with facilities like zippers or buttons for breast feeding. This way, you can cut costs and still improvise on your wardrobe.

Nursing Tops

The best tops for new mothers would be those that come with flexible buttons or zippers that facilitate breast feeding. In case of buttoned tops, the best option would be button down tops that are both loose around the bust area (your breast size would increase considerably after delivery due to milk production) and contain easy to open buttons. Just make sure that the tops you choose for this purpose don’t hug the bust area or don’t have plunging necklines.

Nursing Top

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In the case of tops with zip ups, you face fewer hassles as all you need to do is pull the zip a bit. However, a loose zip can embarrass you to no end. So make sure the zipper is in place and is tight before stepping out in a top that has these accessories.

Stoles and Scarves

No matter which dress you choose to wear or what accessories you take along, it always pays to take along a shawl, stole or scarf with you, especially if your baby is a few months old. This is the time when infants usually start playing around while feeding. And you most definitely don’t want your toddler to play peek –a- boo from under your blouse while he/she is feeding.

Breastfeeding Shawl

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So take along a moderate sized shawl or stole which you can wrap around yourself or cover one side of your body while you are breastfeeding. This would be the best option in case you need to breastfeed in public places. And the best part of it all is that you can choose different colored stoles to match your other clothes, and can use them after getting back your normal figure.

The Quintessential Saree

Ask any Indian woman about the best maternity clothing and she would swear by the saree. An age old traditional wear, the saree is a 6 yard decorated or printed cloth that you wrap around the body. You can follow different styles while wearing a saree. Irrespective of the style, the garment would most definitely cover the bosom completely, making it really easy for you to feed your infant in public. Just make sure you wear a blouse that opens at the front instead of at the back.

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