Breast Hair – Learn How to Get Rid of Them

breast hair removal tips

A lot of women may have hair on their breasts and usually it does not create much problem. Still, a lot of women want to get rid of them and become hairless.

Though you may use a number of options such as shaving but only after a few days, the hair magically appears again. Shaving may also cause the hair around breast to grow hard.

Breast hairs are generally found round the areola’s outer edge and there are ways by which you can remove them easily from this sensitive area. Hair on the breasts is generally attributed to hormonal imbalance in our body.A lot of women find the hair over the bust to be unattractive and unsightly and sometimes even unfeminine. This gives reason for why they want to get rid of it.

Here are some tips to remove breast hair:


It is possible to use a pair of tweezers in order to remove the hair quickly. Make sure that the tweezers contains a comfort grip so that it does not keep slipping away from wet or oily finger tips. The best time for plucking hair from over the breasts is after you take a shower. This is because the warm water helps by opening the pores and it results in reduced pain. A cooling lotion can be applied immediately after plucking hair in order to relieve irritability.


You can get your breast hair waxed very easily by walking into the local beauty saloon. By using an at-home waxing kit also, you can remove the breast hair. Make sure that you do not end up breaking any hair unnecessarily due to self-application. It is better if you ask a friend to join along and help you in waxing.


By using a monochromatic light from a diode, the hair can be removed easily from the breast. It is a completely painless and fast process and within 3 to 5 weeks, all breast hair can be removed permanently.


In an electrolysis session, the chemical energy or heat is used to remove unwanted hair from the surface of breast. The modern technology has made electrolysis process a completely painless one. Topical anesthetic products can be used to relieve irritability.