Buy A Prom Dress Under $100

Prom dress under 100When we speak of Prom dress, the first picture we get is a luxurious looking casual dress worn by a youngster in the company of his/her friend. It is really true and prom dress is made for youngsters.

It is worn for very special occasions like the prom night or a wedding party or Christmas party, etc. There are instances where many youngsters after the prom party is over, keep the dress in the wardrobe and forget about it. It is a special dress worn occasionally; costs pretty high.

Some of the prom dresses cost more than $1000. This $1000 is for the dress only. Accessories and facial, etc. costs extra and in the end the total expenditure would be considerable.

Few people can afford this expenditure. However the demand for prom dress has been on the increase and designers have been flooding the market with newer designs to attract more and more customers. The question is how the demand for prom dress has increased although it an expensive attire?

Every high school student buys a prom dress and how can everyone afford to bear this huge expenditure? The reason is quite simple; you can get a prom dress for $100 also.

Affordable Prom Dress

Affordable Prom dress

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It is really so, you can get a prom dress for $100 also. As a matter of fact you can get a prom dress for less than $100 as well. Remember, these are dresses from established designers and the dresses are in perfect condition, ready to be worn.

As said earlier, most of the youngsters who buy prom dresses wear them once or twice and thereafter they forget about them. After some time, they either donate the dress or sell it to consignment stores.

Some dress manufactures also sell their unsold stock to consignment stores or open their own outlet and sell the unsold stock. Some of the prom dress stores also sell their unsold stock at throwaway prices. It is here that one can get a prom dress for even less than $100.

The Quality Of These Dresses

Affordable Prom dress

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Most of these are branded prom dresses and they are in perfect condition. They are sold at throwaway prices only because they remained unsold for a considerable period of time and the manufacturer or the dealer wants to dispose off the same so that he can show-case new designs and redeem his unsold stock as well.

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How To Select?


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You should have patience if you visit a consignment store or mall to select the prom dress. There are countless designs and colors to choose from. In fact you can see every variety of prom dresses in a consignment store.

If you are unable to find a dress of your size or the design you are looking for, take the help of the sale attendant present there. Go to the trail room and find out whether the dress suits you. Make the purchase only after satisfying yourself about the quality, size, etc. You can also get these dresses for less than $100 online. In fact some people purchase these dresses online as well.