Advantages And Disadvantages Of Poly Cotton |

Buyers’ Guide To Poly Cotton

Poly cotton is a blend of polyester and cotton. The blend mixes the natural cotton fibers with those of artificially made polyester fibers. The poly cotton blend is popular for its use in different kinds of clothing because it combines the advantages of both cotton and polyester. The following points will tell you more about poly cotton.

Poly Cotton

Since cotton is a natural fiber, it is more comfortable and allows the air to pass through the clothes thus letting your skin breathe. Cotton can also be easily dyed and can sustain high temperatures. On the other hand, pure cotton clothes become wrinkled very easily and they also shrink after being washed. This is why it is a little difficult to maintain pure cotton garments. Clothes made from 100% cotton fibers need to be maintained properly so that they last longer.

On the other hand, polyester is a very strong fiber that does not wrinkle easily and can withstand lots of washing. Hence it is more durable than cotton. Polyester fibers do not shrink and are also more efficient with dyes since they can hold color really well. However, since polyester is a synthetic fiber, it does not allow the free passage of air like cotton. Hence polyester can be difficult and a little uncomfortable to wear, especially during the summer season. As a fabric, polyester was very commonly worn in the 1950s when it came into existence. However, since then it has been mixed with cotton to make poly cotton.

As already mentioned above about poly cotton, it is a blend of cotton and polyester. While cotton is a completely natural fiber made from cotton plants, polyester is a manmade fiber. Poly Cotton is a harmonious blend of both cotton and polyester in a way that the advantages of both these fibers are brought into poly cotton.

Advantages Of Poly Cotton

The most beneficial aspect about poly cotton is the fact that garments made from this fiber are very strong and long lasting. Also clothes made from poly cotton are wrinkle free and hence do not need to be ironed. You can wear clothes made from poly cotton a number of times before you would need to iron them. Poly cotton can also be washed more often and it shrinks lesser than pure cotton garments.

Because of this reason, poly cotton garments can be worn more frequently and washed frequently without worrying about the life of the garment. Finally, poly cotton garments are much easier to sew than pure cotton which is stiff. Poly cotton clothes are more durable and long lasting.

Disadvantages Of Poly Cotton

Despite the fact that there are several pros of poly cotton garments, there are also a few disadvantages about poly cotton and clothes made from this fiber. Poly cotton is unable to sustain high temperatures and therefore need to be ironed very carefully. Also garments made from poly cotton do not stay cool like pure cotton and hence can be uncomfortable for wearing for long periods of time.