Calcium Supplements – Advantages and Disadvantages

Calcium is one of the very important elements required by your body for its health. About 99% of the total calcium present in your body resides in your teeth and bones while the balance 1% flows in your blood stream.

Calcium also helps in carrying out functions which are essential for your body like the healthy functioning of your heart, healing wounds by aiding in the clotting of blood etc. Moreover, it also helps the communication between nerves to flow with ease.

Calcium is needed throughout the life of an individual especially in the growing years of their life. Also after you reach a certain age your body begins to loose a lot of calcium from your body. For women the period after menopause is when their bodies loose calcium at a higher rate than men.

A deficiency of calcium could lead to problems like high blood pressure, cardiovascular ailments, cancer etc but more importantly, it could lead to bone problems like arthritis and osteoporosis. So when your body is not able to get the required amount of calcium from your diet you opt for calcium supplements.

These calcium supplements if taken in the right dosages can work for your advantage. While purchasing your calcium supplements it would help to have a look at the amount of elemental calcium i.e. that calcium in the supplement which can be easily absorbed by the body.

The calcium in such tablets is usually bound to substances like gluconate, citrate, carbonate or lactate in order to enable easy absorption by the body. The total weight of calcium and the other substances in the supplement is usually stated in milligrams (mg).

Calcium supplements can help in reducing bone loss and improving the density of your bone. These supplements are mostly available in a form that is easily absorbable by the body thereby making less susceptible to any fractures due to osteoporosis. Some of the supplements could even provide you with additional minerals for better bone strength.

As these calcium supplements can be advantageous, an excess of such supplements can even be disadvantageous. According to studies conducted it is found that consuming a high amount of such supplements can increase your risk of suffering from heart attacks. It may also cause kidney- stones in an individual.