Candle Making- Make Your Own Candles This Christmas

Gone are the days when we oohed and ahead at the pretty wax sticks in the Christmas shops. For candle making is not restricted to being a fine craft anymore, it is enjoying burgeoning popularity as an amateur hobby. So why not use your blooming skills to decorate your home this Christmas?

Here are 8 extremely simple and easy steps to making your own handsome candles!

You will first need to buy some basic supply of materials and tools to get started. What you are going to need is some paraffin wax, double boiler, a candy thermometer, stearic acid, dyes, molds and silicon sprays. Once you have gathered these supplies, you are all ready to get started.

Boil water in the double boiler (a shallow pot may cause the flames to connect with the wax, setting it ablaze) Add chunks of paraffin wax, all at one time, to the top of the boiler. Use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature. (essential again to prevent any mishaps)

When the wax has completely melted, add 3 tbps of stearic acid. Stearic acid makes the candles harder by increasing the melting point of wax.

When the stearic acid has dissolved, it is time to add dyes. Use commercial dyes and be careful to add little dye at a time. You don’t want the colour saturation to hurt your eyes!

Spray the inside of the mold with silicon spray. Slip most of the wick through the wick hole and secure the bottom with a sealer. For centering the wick, wrap the free side of it around some kind of a bar and adjust it.

Hold the mold with some thick hand padding. Pour the liquid wax into the mold, the temperature depending upon the material of the mold. For glass or plastic, the temperature should be about 150 degree F, whereas metal molds can take up to 200 degree F.

Place the mold in pail filled with cool water. The level should come up to the wax level. Hold down with a heavy object. After 30 minutes, puncture the crust near the wick and pour wax into the cavity beneath the crust.

When the wax has set, remove the mold from the water. Hold the mold upside down at an angle and release the candle by gently pulling the wick.