Caring for Summer Clothing

The next season is here and it’s time to store your summer clothes. People often jam the summer clothes at the back of the boxes in their wardrobe.

But this approach might spoil your clothes and you may not be able to use them in the next summer season. Here are few tips to store your summer clothing effectively.

Make space for storing summer clothes. Don’t just shove your clothes at the back of the shelves. If you don’t store your clothes properly, it will be difficult to find them in the next summer season. Designate a separate space for storing summer clothes.

Make sure that the items that you are storing are your size and fit you well. Take out the clothes which are ill-fitted and out of fashion. Try on the clothes before storing. Store them separately to be donated to a charity organization.

Fix up your clothes and make the necessary repairs. Repair torn hems, fix holes and loose buttons. It is better to repair them before storing because you might not remember the small repairs which may take you by surprise in the next summer season.

Ensure that the clothes are dry before you put them away. Dampness attracts insects which can harm the clothes. Put mothballs or hang cedar blocks to prevent insects from breeding which heat holes in your clothes.

Fold your clothes properly instead of hanging them. Hanging the clothes can make them stretched out and misshapen. Stack them in piles and according to items. It saves apace and prevents clothes for becoming loose.

Put tissue paper or bubble wrap as layers between your clothes. Clothes with sequins or decorative buttons may get spoiled by getting tangled with each other. Cushioning clothes with some paper acts as a barrier and prevents clothes from snagging. Hang expensive and decorated clothing items in garment bags.

While storing summer shoes, place them back-to-back to save space and preventing dark soles from staining the lighter ones. Keep the shoes away from the clothes. Close the boxes properly to avoid moisture and mildew in the coming seasons.

By following these tips, you can ensure neat storage of your summer clothes which can be used again and again, without any damage, whenever the weather is warm.