Check Out these Amazing Health Benefits of Sex

Amazing Health Benefits of SexNow we all know that sex does wonderful things to the body and mind and makes you feel like you are in the seventh heaven. But did you know that regular sex can be immensely healthy for your body in the long run? Read on to find out about the same!

Amazing Health Benefits Of Sex

Sex And The Heart

In addition to dieting and exercising properly, regular sex can keep your heart hale and hearty for many years.Studies conducted on the topic revealed that regular sex boosted the health and functionality of the heart to a great extent, thanks to the increased blood flow and heart rate experienced by individuals during sexual intercourse.

These studies also concluded that regular sex (at least twice a week) can cut down the risks of heart attacks in individuals by nearly 50%.

Sex And The Immune System

Different Health Benifits Of Sex

Regular sex can lead to an increase in the levels of immunoglobulin A in the body by nearly 30%. This antibody is known to have immunomodulatory properties and helps to boost the health and strength of the immune system.

This in turn makes the body strong enough to fight off illnesses, infections, disorders and diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms (including those responsible for common cold and flu). So make note that having sex at least twice or thrice a week can put you in less danger of contracting illnesses and infections that come with the change in season.

Sex And Insomnia

Wonder how you manage to doze off immediately after sex? The reason behind this sudden fatigue in the body can be attributed to the orgasm at the end of a sexual act which leaves your body feeling completely relaxed, irrespective of whether the individual in question suffers from insomnia, stress or any other issue that can cause sleep deprivation.

It is this relaxation that makes individuals fall asleep peacefully as soon as they finish having sex. So if you are complaining about not getting proper sleep, rope in your partner for a satisfying love making session and you will be amazed at how quickly and soundly you fall asleep afterwards.

Sex And Mental Health

Various Health Benifits Of Sex

Studies have revealed that regular sex can have a profound influence on the mental health of individuals and can in fact help them recover from issues like stress, anxiety, depression and severe mood swings etc.

In addition to improving psychological health, regular sex can also reduce the cortisol levels in the body, a factor that would automatically safeguard the body from physical ailments like acidity, hypertension or hyperglycemia etc.

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Sex And Body Pain

If you are suffering from immense body pain that doesn’t seem to subside no matter what medication you take, try sex. You will be amazed at how soon the pain vanishes from your body afterwards.

The reason for this miracle is attributed to the fact that factors like arousal and orgasm during sex can trigger the release of hormones called endorphins in the body. These hormones are natural opiates that contain potent analgesic properties and so help to relieve body pain effectively.

Sex And Weight Management

Health Benifits Of Sex

True! A single session of sex can help you lose almost 300 calories. And that if you opt for the simplest of positions (man on top)! The more you experiment with different positions and prolong the activity, the more calories you can lose.

Regular sex can help you manage if not reduce your weight effectively. In addition to this, sex can also keep your muscles lean and healthy by releasing hormones called testosterones which are essential for the development and maintenance of healthy bone and muscle tissue.