Choosing The Right Jeans

jeans_1Wearing jeans’ is not just a style statement for woman; it’s a necessity of some. Woman depending on their choice like to wear boot cut, skinny, or tattered jeans. However, wearing jeans according to prevailing fashion is the best option.

According to Nisha Jamvwal, a Mumbai, India based fashion designer “Wearing the basic blue jeans this season is out of fashion; opting for faded denim with an worn and tattered look is preferable.

Also wearing dark denims with lots of studs, crystal and sequin embroidery is the current fashion”. She added “Denim washes with dark or gray tones and heavy sandblast are ideal”. Nisha Jamvwal also said, “Slim-fit, tapered-leg silhouettes with hem is the current trend”.

Another well-known Mumbai, India based fashion designer Nikasha Tawade, said, “One can make a style statement by wearing just a well-fit basic denim jean that sticks to the body. Flared denims are out of fashion. Also boot-cut denim jeans’ are also advisable”.

Pria Kataria Puri, one of the most famous Mumbai, India based fashion designer said, ”Women need to wear high-waisted drain-pipes if they have a perfect body type. If not then wearing a low-waist skinny jeans in charcoal, dark blue, and Prussain blue colors is ideal”.

She also said, “Nowadays women are preferring jeans in solid, non-faded colors such as gold or silver. Also to make a style statement, using antique block-printing technique with jeans, alongside embroidered belts is ideal”.

What are Cut-To-Fit Jeans?

Whatever the trend is in the market, wearing jeans that aptly fit the body structure and figure is very essential. Fashion designer Nikasha Tawade said, “Wearing dark shade denim makes women look slimmer.

Slim women can opt for acid washed denims, especially those that are washed on the hips, it gives them a classy look, and however, wearing acid washed denim is a fashion disaster for women with larger hips; as this denim makes them look broader in the hips”.

She also said, “While buying jeans/denim, it is important to make sure that the back pockets are higher and slightly towards the centre. This allows the wearer to have a slimmer look even if she has broader hips. For women with slim buttocks, jeans with moderate to large pockets are ideal.”

Fashion designer Pria Kataria Puri said, “For slim people, it is best to wear high-waist slim-fitted jeans in a boot-cut style. Also wearing a low-waist baggy jeans’ is ideal for a women with a slim figure.” Pria Kataria Puri however cautioned that “A slim women should avoid stretch denims, and colors like black and dark blue; as these make the wearer look skinnier”