Clothing Tips for Teenage Girls

If you are a 15-16 years old girl than probably choosing the right dress would be uppermost in your mind. Although there are lots of dresses available in the market but choosing the trendiest yet appropriate and stylish dress is not an easy task. 

Here we will try to help the teenage girls about how and what to choose to avoid unnecessary fashion slip ups.

Try to wear clothes which you can carry off easily, so wear only those clothes in which you feel comfortable, don’t let the straps of your bra or undershirt hang out, be careful while wearing short shirts so that your stomach doesn’t come out of the bottom, mix and match clothes combination really works. Match your clothes colors but don’t mix patterns like wearing plaids and strip together. Belts are hip now, so wear them particularly if your pants are loose.

Wear clothes accordingly. Like for example avoid dressing too much in a normal gathering, it will show as if you are trying too hard to impress, or you are hungry for publicity. In a formal gathering or party, wear something elegant and classy; if it happens to be sexy or sensuous then it’s an advantage for you.

One cannot underestimate the importance of accessories; careful use of trendy accessories like jewelry, hats, purses, belts and scarf’s can jazz up even the most boring of your outfits. Apart from that you must reinvent yourself by changing your dressing style once in a while.

Jeans look good in almost everyone, given you know what type of jeans suit you, as jeans that look great in one girl may not work for another, so know your body type before slipping into your favorite pair of jeans, some girls look great in wide- leg or flare jeans, but may not carry off skinny or boot- cut jeans that well. Apart from jeans different type of pants, Bermudas and Capri could be part of your wardrobe

And the most important fashion tip for any teenage girl is to figure out her own personality and their unique sense of style, for that you need to experiment with different styles and find out what suits you the best, read fashion magazines and consult your peers and other girls of your community and try to share ideas about fashion and implement them on your own.

  • komal

    my height is 5.5 and my weight is 47 and my colour is writish what would i wear in summer