Coconut Fiber To Treat Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious ailment which affects the metabolism of a person and is characterized by extremely high glucose levels in the bloodstream. This condition is accompanied by symptoms that include frequent urination along with perpetual thirst and hunger.

The blood sugar levels of such people must be monitored on a regular basis. If these levels go out of control, the person can even go into a coma which can result in death. The diet of such a patient should include foods which have a low glycemic index. This means that the person should consume only those carbohydrates which break down gradually in the body.

This break down of carbohydrates results in the release of glucose into the bloodstream of the person. The diet of such patients should also include foods which are loaded with all the essential vitamins and minerals. Coconutis considered to be very beneficial in the treatment of diabetes.

Coconuts were originally grown only in the southern part of Asia. Nowadays, they are grown all around the world. The edible part of a coconut is called the endosperm. This is made up of the flesh of the coconut which is also known as coconut meat. The endosperm also contains a fluid which is known as coconut water. When consumed, the endosperm is extremely beneficial in cases of diabetes.

What Is Coconut Fiber?

The meat or flesh of the coconut contains a significant amount of dietary fiber. Besides dietary fiber, coconut meat contains carbohydrates and many vital nutrients. The main reason why fiber is beneficial in the case of diabetes is because it helps to regulate the level of insulin in the human body.

It does this by causing the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar at a very slow rate. If these carbohydrates are rapidly converted into sugar, the bloodstream gets flooded with sugar. This causes a rise in the blood sugar level of the patient. This can be extremely dangerous for the person. Thus doctors advise the consumption of coconut meat on a regular basis, in the case of diabetes.

Common Ways Of Consuming Coconut Fiber

Coconut meat has a very pleasant taste and is ideally consumed in its raw state. A medium sized piece of raw coconut contains about four grams of dietary fiber. This makes it quite valuable in the treatment of diabetes. This fiber does a remarkable job of retarding the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars. Apart from eating plain coconut, there are many other ways in which one can consume this valuable food.

Coconut is often added to other food items as well. This is also helpful as it causes the person to consume more coconut. Coconut can be added to curries, desserts, puddings, sweets and many other dishes. This not only increases the nutritive value of the food, but it also enhances the flavour of the food item to which it is added. However, one must try to use fresh coconut instead of processed coconut. This is because coconut loses many of its nutrients during processing.