Cool Athlete Hairstyles for You

Athlete HairstylesIn today’s world, athletes too have become cautious of the way they look on cameras when playing a game. You will find every other athlete making an effort to look stylish and classy by sporting different hairstyles.

However, the basic fact remains that long hairs or even middle hairs of athletes have to be styled in a manner that they do not come in the way of the athlete’s vision.The continuous itching of hair strands falling on the face or getting into the eyes can distract a player from his play.

To solve this problem while still looking stylish, here are some athletic hairstyles best suited for sportsmen and women. You can try out the various styles of braiding or pre-wrap styling to ensure that your hair looks gorgeous.

Simple Braids

Braids have always been considered as a classy way of styling the hair. Long hairs can be twisted around each section to form a three stranded braid. The same can be done for medium sized hairs too.Twisting drags the hair from over the face and pins it along the scalp.This removes any unwanted hair from the face.

Double braids are one of the effective athletic hairstyles that keep the hair pinned down.Partition your hair from the head to the nape in equal portions. Braid the two portions as tightly as possible. Fasten the ends of the braid with elastic bands.

simple braids hairstyles

French Braids

The process of braiding hair remains same. In French braids, use smaller portions of hair for braiding. For French Braids, partition the hair in the same manner as mentioned above. From the top of the crown separate three small portions of hair; one from either side and one from the middle.

Cross the portions with each other and every time a cross completes take some more hair from the sides.Continue this till you reach the nape. Ensure that the small braids drawn have been pulled tightly and evenly. Fasten the end of the braids.

The same process of braiding can also be used to create double French braids on either side of the head. This style is preferred by most women athletes as it helps to get hold of the smaller hair strands in a better way.

French Braids


A very simple style with all the bangs and small hair strands in front of the head getting braided into micro braids. This is the best way of keeping the hairs from obstructing the vision.The front row of hair can be drawn into very tight micro-braids that are fastened at the ends with a small rubber band.

Using Pre-Wrap Headbands

Using these headbands is the ultimate way of keeping the hair away from the face. The headband can also be used along with the above braiding hairstyles. Pre-wraps or under-wrap’s, are a comfortable barricade provided between the athletic skin and the tape that is used to cover up injuries.

These wraps are made up of soft materials and have been designed to prevent any kind of skin injury to the head. Using pre-wraps are not only easy, but also a convenient way of keeping the hairs pinned.