Cool Fashion With 1940s Blouses

The 1940s were a very interesting decade. It was a time when women were entering the professional world and thus there were many changes made to their clothes to suit the workspace.

Women were into wearing pants and skirts more than usual dresses because of the practicality of movement and thus blouses as tops became more and more popular.

Women’s Blouses In The 1940s

Blouses during this time were of different styles and cuts. The following article will tell you more about 1940s blouses and the amazing designs they had.

Collars And Buttons

Blouses that had collar and a button down front were widespread and one of the most popular designs in 1940s blouses. These blouses were ideal for work and formal occasions since they looked professional and smart. Some variations of these blouses were also worn for informal events and gatherings.

The collars on these blouses were either rounded or pointed like masculine shirts. They were buttoned down at the front and were generally a little loose fitting. The blouses were either worn with skirts or with pants and were tucked inside the pants. Some of these blouses also had a panel that covered the buttons for a more feminine look while some other blouses had buttons at the back or on the sides for a more fashionable look.

Short Sleeves

Another characteristic of the 1940s blouses were short sleeves. The sleeves of these blouses were at a length in between the shoulder and the elbow. Some blouses had slightly longer sleeves which reached almost to the elbow. Short sleeved blouses were especially ideal for social gatherings and informal events in summer seasons. These blouses were worn with skirt, pants, underneath suits and also with fitted jackets. These short sleeved blouses had a very feminine and soft look because of their designs and they were made from silk, satin and cotton.

Crisp Long Sleeved Blouses

While the short sleeved blouses were great for casual and social events, there were also longer sleeved blouses with a crisp look. These 1940s blouses were formal and were worn at such occasions. These blouses had a crisp and smart look and were not worn underneath jackets like the more feminine blouses. The blouses were generally tailor made for a perfect fit and had breast pockets like a man’s shirt. They were also buttoned at the wrist like the shirt of a man. All in all, these long sleeved crisp blouses were made to stand out and give a firm impression. The blouses also had pleats on the shoulder areas or darts at the waist region to fit a female body more beautifully.

Patterned Blouses

1940s blouses were also made to suit parties and other gathering where women could wear something fancier. Hence there were also blouses that were embellished or patterned in interesting and feminine designs. These blouses were mostly worn with skirts and were also accessorized with scarves and pieces of jewelry.  The most popular patterns were polka dots, floral prints, and gingham checks among others. These blouses also had lace attached onto the collars and cuffs for a more feminine and fancy look.