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Corsets-Advantages and Disadvantages

Corsets are perhaps, the most desired garment of all female lingerie. They have been used for centuries in the fashion world, mainly for aesthetic purposes. A corset is designed in a way to shape the body as desired.

Though both men and women of the early era made regular use of this garment, corsets in the modern world fall mainly in the female department.
Corsets have mainly been used to give women an hour-glass figure, whether temporarily or for a longer period, depended upon the duration and style of wearing it. But in certain period in history, it was also worn by women to achieve a tubular figure.

Wearing corsets has both advantages and side effects. The obvious advantage of wearing corsets is the instant desired look it gives to the wearer. Corsets make the waist look thin while emphasizing the hips and bosom. The look which would otherwise take hours in a gym, can be achieved within minutes, if temporarily, by wearing a corset.

Corsets are also said to reduce appetite by exerting abdominal pressure, thus helping in losing body fat. Corsets also provide support to the lower back, easing pain for those suffering from lower back problems. They also help in developing a good posture. Moreover, women with bigger bust lines usually favour corsets over bra, in terms of the support it provides.

However, wearing corsets, especially for prolonged periods can cause some serious health hazards. While a short term use can cause a slight discomfort in breathing, prolonged use can result in lower oxygen levels in body, thus causing fatigue. More severe health conditions include decrease in the abdominal muscle tone as well as abdominal atrophy.

It sometimes decreases the lung capacity. In rare cases, wearing extremely tight corsets have resulted in organ deformation, namely stomach and liver deformation.

Corsets are available in many styles and sizes today. Picking the right corset to suit your needs and moderating its use is the key to avoiding the side-effects. Occasionally untying the corset to give your body some space is also a good way to prevent any side-effects, while enjoying its merits.