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Decorating Your Studio Apartment

decorate-studio-apartmentPeople who do not have the wherewithal to rent a flat with two or three rooms need to settle for a single room flat commonly called a studio apartment. Many people are of the opinion that it is not possible to decorate or arrange things in a studio apartment since it is one long room.

People complain that there is no personal space if you combine the living room and bedroom. It is not difficult to decorate a studio apartment; it requires a certain amount of creativity and intention for doing up your home.

Be creative and this will bring good results. You must seek ideas/suggestions from friends for this decoration and you are sure to transform your apartment into a cozy home.

Tips For Decorating Studio Apartments

• Draw the three dimensional view of your apartment to scale in order to get a correct idea of space available in the apartment.

 Estimate the area required for bedroom and living room. Identify the areas where you will position your bed, chairs, sofa, closet, etc. This is essential to decorate the rooms in an orderly manner.

• Separate the bedroom from the living room by putting up a wooden screen or curtain. You can purchase wooden screens in the market. Use standard rod curtains with heavy material and dark color. There must be contrast between the curtain color and wall color.

 Get rid of the furniture that could clutter the space; provide one coffee table that can also store newspapers, magazines etc.

Tips For Decorating Studio Apartments

• Provide a sofa-cum-bed that can not only seat your visitors but also can be used as a bed/couch for your guests. Give them a homey look by adding some cushions.

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• Personal items such as photo-frames, teddy bears, small cups etc. can be stored in a room corner by providing a small long shelf; arrange these knick-knacks in an orderly manner.

• You must consult a lighting professional for redoing the lighting of your apartment. You can make the room appear bigger by changing the lighting. Provide a chandelier for the living room and for the bedroom, use fluorescent bulbs. Keep candles in the room corners.

• Items for entertainment, such as a TV and a music system, have to be kept on a special trolley which has castors to move them around between bedroom and living room.

 Leave a pathway between the two rooms to facilitate moving from one to the other.