Different Makeup For Different Faces

makeup-fixesAll of us possess a face unique in shape, size, and look. However, they can still be classified into different categories. There are different types of makeup suitable for different kinds of faces. Below are some brief makeup tips for different types of faces.

Oval face: Because this is the ideal face shape, no corrective makeup or special hair style is needed. However, for enhancement the eyebrows should be kept in a natural arch and the lower lip should be outlined with lipstick in contrast to the upper lip with natural line.

Diamond face: With narrow forehead and chin, with wide cheek bones, this face needs a darker shade of foundation to be applied on the chin and forehead. The eyebrows should start a little away from the centre of the face. Lipsticks should maintain the natural size of the lips.

Heart face: This face needs extension to the width of the chin and jaw line through a lighter shade of foundation, and reduction of the forehead width through darker foundation. Eyebrows should be kept thick and straight. Lipstick should follow the natural lip line.

Round face: A narrower forehead should be suggested using a deeper shade of foundation at the sides to soften the round shape. Dark color foundation can be applied on the jaw line and under the cheeks for a slender look. Lipstick applied inside the lip outline will be the best. Eyebrows should be arranged in sweeping manner.

Square face: To soften the wide corners of a square face, a darker shade of foundation should be applied on the sides of the face, jaw line, and temples. Eyebrows should be round shaped. A bright lipstick should divert attention from the square jaw line.

Long face: An illusion of width is needed to counteract the length of the face. Slightly thick eyebrows keeping the natural arch will work best. Eye makeup should be applied for a wide-eyed look. For reducing length, a deeper shade of foundation should be applied across the chin and jaw as well as the top of the forehead.

Pear face: An illusionary length needs to be created for a pear shaped face. Width added to the forehead is necessary, and can be achieved by creating a higher arch at the outer end of the eyebrows. For a slender look with minimal width at the jaw line, a darker foundation is recommended.

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