Different Types Of Hair Braids

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Braids are an easy way of holding the hair tightly without the chances of becoming loose. Different kinds of braids are tried by people for many centuries and in different parts of the world.

Although some of them look very complex and hard to do, but once you know how to make them step by step, they will become very easy. Braids can be adorned with just about any kind of clothes. They still look very fashionable and stylish, and look good on every one of every age and every face cut. So, you don’t have to worry about how you will look when you do a braid. Here are some cool braids styles that you may easily try at your home and look stylish.

1.    Grecian Braids

This hairstyle was first adopted by Grecian goddesses who were considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Whenever we see a statue standing with thick Grecian hair braids, we also feel like converting our hairs into those beautiful braids.
In order to make a Grecian braid, follow the step:

a)    First detangle your hair with a comb. Then apply a gel or mousse so that the small hairs do not come out. Then divide the hair on the left and right, and be careful that the partition should be straight. Then again comb the partitioned hairs.
b)    Divide the partitioned left and right hair into three strands, then make a normal braid and then tie the two braids with a rubber band.
c)    Now pull the braid of the left side to the right side and fix that with pins, so that it forms an arch like structure just above your nape. If extra hair remains extended to the right side, then fold it and attach it to the braid of the right side with pins.
d)    Then pull the braid of the right side and wrap it across your forehead to the left braid, and fix it with pins at the back of your left ear.
e)    Now you have completed doing the braid, and to keep it intact, just spray across some hair gel.

2) French Braid

Photo Credit: Fashionablethings.com

A French braid looks very elegant, and can be adorned with both casual as well as party dresses. This type of braid is just the perfect for weddings, or parties, or for everyday style. So just follow the steps to learn a French braid, so that you can also try it easily at your home.

a)    Use a comb and detangle your hair very nicely, and be sure that it is free from tangles.
b)    Spray your hair with a hair spray or mousse, so that the hair remains intact.
c)    Now pull a bit of hair from the front of the head and divide it into three parts. Then pull the strand which is on the farthest right and bring it to the centre. And take the middle strand to the farthest right side.
d)    Now pull some more hair and add it to the right strand. And then change places of the central and the left strands.
e)    Now by pulling new hair from both the sides, continue braiding the same way.
f)    Once you have reached down to the nape, tilt down your head so that the braid does not turn messy. And then continue braiding till the end of hair, and then bind it with a rubber band.

3) Fish-Tail Braids

A fish tail braid is so named, because it looks like the tail of a fish. It looks complex, but is quite easy to do. Your hair will also look very fashionable if you tie a fish-tail braid. So try this in the following manner.

a) Comb the hair to remove the tangles from your hair.
b)  Part the hair on the left and ride side, and tie them with a hair band to make two separate pony tails on both the sides.
c) Then pull out a thin strand of hair from the right pony tail and pull it to the pony tail on the left side.
d) Again pull out a thin strand of hair from the left pony tail and pull it to the pony tail on the right side.
e) Continue repeating the same steps for 5-6 times. Once you do this, you will start noticing that the two pony tails are coming to the centre of the head and is looking like one single braid.
f) Continue braiding till the end of hair and secure the braid with a rubber brand.

4) Cornrow Braids

Photo Credit: Vissastudios.com

Cornrow braids originally developed in Africa. It takes more than 4 hours to make such a braid correctly. In this type of braiding style, many small and thin braids are made all over the head. They are so named, because after doing them, they look like a field full of rows of corns. This is very much in fashion among the Africans, but now-a-days people from all over the world do cornrow braids. You can try them, if you know the correct procedure. So do try it by following the below mentioned guidelines.

a)    First detangle the hair properly. If the hair is too dry, then apply some oil or gel on hair to make it soft. Otherwise the hair will mess up very frequently.
b)    Then buy a rat comb from the market and use it for partitioning the hair.
c)    Grasp the small hair strands close to the roots and part the thin strand into three thinner strands.
d)    Then grab the strands tightly and start braiding them just like a normal three strand braid.
e)    The braids should lie flat on the head, otherwise they will not be considered as cornrow braids.
f)    Secure each separate braid with a rubber brand and continue doing the same on full head.

5) Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid looks very cute especially on children. It is very similar to a French braid, but it is done on both side of head. Follow the below mentioned steps to do it yourself

a)    First comb the hair very properly and dampen it, to remove any tangles from the hair.
b)    Once the hair is damp enough, pick out a small strand of hair from one side of the head. Divide this strand into three parts and start braiding.
c)    Just like a French braid, start braiding by pulling out new strands of hair and add them to the remaining strand.
d)    Make the same braid on both the sides of the head.
e)    Once no more hair is left to be added, just normally braid the rest of the hair.
f)    Put a rubber band at the end of each braid to secure it.

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