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Do’s And Don’ts Of Pregnancy Safety

Do's And Don'ts Of Pregnancy SafetyAll mothers-to-be want to do everything right for their baby’s health. But they often get confused due to the seemingly changing list of things they are told to do and not to do. If you are overwhelmed by conflicting information, here is some expert’s advice to guide you for a safe pregnancy.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Pregnancy Safety

Eating Safely

Among all the topics of confusion, the first confusion is related to diet. While all of us know that it is necessary to maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy but we are not always sure which food to avoid and which food to have. Follow the guidelines given by food standard agency in their website.  In their website they have listed the food to avoid and foods you can eat.  Whatever other people may advise, guideline suggested by FDA is best to follow.

Almost all fruits and vegetables, fiber rich foods, low fat dairy products, whole grains and most protein foods are good for a pregnant woman and her baby.  Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and fluids. Avoid packed juice. They are high in sugar content. You need to take your prenatal vitamins regularly. Iron and folic acid is prerequisite for a mom-to-be. There are few foods that a pregnant lady needs to avoid.

These include raw eggs, smelly blue cheese, undercooked meat, liver, fish, particularly sword fish, shark, raw shellfish, marlin and swordfish – the fish which have higher mercury content.  Mercury can harm the baby’s nervous system. Some foods containing bacteria are restricted as they can cause infection and lead to miscarriage, infection in new born or stillbirth.  Intake of too much caffeine can lead to miscarriage. FDA indicates that a pregnant woman should not consume more than 200 mg of caffeine in a day. So check your daily intake of coffee, tea, cola and chocolate.

Exercise During Pregnancy

Maintaining an exercise routine during pregnancy helps the mother to stay healthy and lessens some discomfort like fatigue, backache etc. But it should be moderate. Low impact aerobic exercise, swimming, jogging walking will help to relieve you from stress and increase your stamina needed for labor. Avoid excessive and vigorous exercise.

Drinking Alcohol During Pregnancy

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy raises the risk of miscarriage and low birth weight of the baby. There can be risk of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, which can result in serious health problems like heart defect in baby.

Do's And Don'ts Of Pregnancy Safety

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Smoking And Drugs

Cigarette smoking is potentially dangerous for a pregnant woman.  Smoking increases the risk of low birth weight of the baby, premature birth, miscarriage, respiratory problem and infant death syndrome. Drugs like cocaine and dope increase the risk of abnormalities and complication in the new born. Quitting the drug is absolutely necessary during pregnancy.

Hair-Dyeing And Hair Rebonding

While there is no evidence to prove that hair dyeing and hair bonding can lead to chemical being absorbed by the bloodstream, but it is better to avoid them for the safety of your baby as the enormous amount of chemicals used in hair dyes may harm the baby. Also avoid contact with toxic chemicals.

Carrying Heavy Objects In Pregnancy

The increase in the level of hormones softens the ligaments and joint becomes less stable.  So women during pregnancy are more vulnerable to injury. So she should not lift heavy objects.

Pregnancy And Farm Animals

Animals, especially farm animals, can transmit listeria, salmonella or campylobacter infections which develop the risk of miscarriage. Try to avoid direct contact with birds and animals.  Wash your hands thoroughly and avoid eating uncooked meat. Wash vegetables and fruit thoroughly before eating. Wash utensils after cooking raw vegetables and meat and seafood. Drink pasteurized milk only.

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