Dressing Slim

One can look thinner and younger by just some transformation techniques of a make over, no matter what weight, size, height or age you are. The choice of the dress is largely influenced by the occasion of the outing. You cannot be caught in a park wearing a cotton shirt and a pair of jeans. Preparing for the occasion is what it’s all about.

Here are some tips which can transform you completely and give you the desired looked which you always wanted.

Tips to flatter the figure:

•    Match your slacks or hose to your shoes. It has been seen that legs look thin if hose is matched with a skirt and the shoes.

•    Choose a pleated trouser as it will hide the tummy bulges.

•    Go for an A line skirt as it will hide the heavy thighs and emphasize the length of the body. The longer the skirt, the slimmer you will look.

•    Choose shirts that are made up of heavy fabric or are lined. Wear them as jackets or tunics to get an elegant look.

•    Team up the cloths of a single color, for example, the shirt and the pant should be of the same color. This is because it streamlines the body. In case you don’t want to wear a single color from head till toe, choose colors that are closely matched.

•    Sticking to darker colors will make you look really thin, more so than the light and bright colors.

•    Go for a V neck line if you have a fat neck. This will make the neck look linger and leaner.

•    For the accessories, wear a choker and matching earrings. It will highlight the face.

•    A long jacket can hide man body flaws and at the same time it looks great.

•    Wear shoes that have a low and thinner heel.

•    If you like wearing belts, then wear them in a low slung manner.

•    Wear a suit which is body fitted.

•    Opt for dresses that have less pockets or buttons, as they add width to the body.

•    Choose prints that are small rather than those which are big and large.

Follow these tips to get the look you always wanted.