Ear Piercing Babies

baby-ear-piercingThroughout the world, wearing ear ornaments such as rings is quite common. The system of wearing earrings has been found to be vogue about 6000 years ago among African tribes. Earlier, only ladies were wearing earrings, specifically, one earring but nowadays, they have started wearing more in one year.

Men also started wearing earrings of different designs citing change in fashion. To wear ear ornaments, the ears are pierced early in the life of a baby. Pediatricians opine that babies should be ear pierced only when the baby can look after itself and the pierced area.

Deciding to pierce the ear:

Usually, the system of piercing the ear is common in Hindu culture. Parents usually decide to pierce the ear when the baby is 6 to 7 months old or no later than the first birthday. Piercing is done for both girls and boys even though boys do not wear earrings unless for fashion sake. Normally, ear piercing is done in a temple by a trained and experience person. The spot where the ear lobe is pierced is considered to have acupuncture properties and so only a skilled person should do the job.

Precautions for ear piercing:

Some babies are allergic to gold which may result in puss formation and fever without an apparent reason. In such cases, the ear ornament should be immediately removed. Stainless steel is found to be non-allergic for everybody.

Also, since the baby’s immune system is not still fully developed, infection may occur at the place of piercing which has to be cleaned with cloth dipped in antiseptic solution.

Care has to be taken while selecting the earring which should not be too tight or too loose. The stem of the ring is to be a bit smaller than the hole so it can move freely and allow air to pass though the hole. Also, the installment of the earring has to be such that the baby cannot remove it. If not, there is a good possibility that the baby will remove it and accidentally swallow it.  Also, the earrings should be free of rough edges.