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Short HairsThe first thing that strikes a person about a lady is her hairstyle. This is because the look that you want to achieve depends mostly on the way you style your hair. The right hair cut highlights your face in such a way that any flaws are camouflaged and the good features are accentuated. This is especially true for women with short hair.

Short hairstyles for women are a fairly recent trend because till the early 20th century, women traditionally wore their hair long. Short haircuts gained popularity as women started working outside the home and realized that such hair was much easier to maintain and took very little time to set.

Before you get a short hairstyle, you must ascertain whether it will suit you or not. Short hair is a good idea for women who are of average height, possess a strong jaw line and have a shapely neck. Very tall women should opt for a hairstyle which is not shorter than chin length.

Women with curly hair should be careful about styling it too short. This is because curly hair seems to become even more voluminous when cut short. Short styles are great for fine hair and women with heavy hair should opt for a short haircut with multiple layers.Here are the types of short hairstyles that you can opt for.

Tips For Short Hairstyles

The Bob Cut

Bob Cut

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This is one of the most popular types of short hairstyles. It is extremely easy to maintain and ideal for working women and busy homemakers.The bob cut can be varied in length according to the shape of your face. Women with round faces can opt for an ear-length hairstyle while taller women should either keep it till the chin or the base of the neck.

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The Edgy Look

This type of style suits younger and bolder women. It is a great idea if you work in a casual workplace like a fashion house or media agency or even in a beauty salon.Edgy styles usually have sharp and uneven layers. Very short bangs with chin length hair or long side-swept bangs with very short hair at the back are good examples of edgy haircuts.

Edgy Haircut

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The Pixie Cut

This is a look that was made internationally popular by the actress Mia Farrow in the movie “Rosemary’s baby”. It became an instant hit with women of all ages.This hairstyle involves very short hair (usually around 2-3 inches long) that is cut very close to the skull. The part above the ears is usually allowed to overlap slightly and the sideburns are kept short and pointed.

Pixie Cut

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This type of hair is suitable for teenagers and older women as well. It is ideal for ladies who have a petite and slim body type. It is not a very good idea for tall, well-built women with strong facial features.If you have a small round face or a slim heart-shaped face, then this is a very good haircut for you.It is extremely low maintenance and does not even require blow drying.Making the right choice of haircut can completely change your look and project a confident and independent image of you to the world.

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