Easy Ways To Make Elf Ears

There has been an increasing popularity for elves. This is due to many reasons and the most significant of which is movies such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

These movies have inspired many children to want to dress up as elves during costume parties or special occasions. However, it may be difficult to make ears for elf costumes. The following points will tell you how to make elf ears for costumes.

Ways To Make Elf Ears

One of the simplest ways to make elf ears is with paper. You can also use pieces of felt if you want to. The subsequent points will tell you how to make elf ears with these materials.

Cut Out The Shapes

The first thing to do regarding how to make elf ears is to draw the shapes on a piece of paper or felt. Elf ears are usually pointed or tapered towards the top and have a wide base. For example, Christmas elves have smaller ears whereas fairy elves have thinner and more pointed ears. Hence you will need to draw these shapes accordingly. After you have drawn these shapes and made corrections, you need to cut out these shapes.

If you are using felt as a material for the elf ears, then you need to be very careful while cutting out the shapes. This is because felt is soft and hence it is easy to make errors while cutting the shapes. While cutting out the shapes, you also need to keep in mind the fact that the ears have to look as realistic as possible and hence you need to avoid cutting in straight lines. Instead you can curve the sides of the ears so that they do not look stiff and angular.

Making The Headband

The second step with regarding to how to make elf ears is making the headband. The headband is also made from paper or felt and the elf ears are glued or fixed into the headband. For making this headband you will have to cut a piece of paper or felt that is at least one inch thick in breadth. The length of the headband will depend on the circumference of the head of the child wearing it. Hence you can cut a long piece of paper or felt and then measure the circumference of the head of the child and cut the piece accordingly.

Once you have the length of the headband determined, you need to join the two ends of the paper or felt strip so that the headband sits on the head like a crown. On the sides of the head, attach the pieces of elf ears that you have cut out. You have to attach the pair of elf ears carefully so that they are of the same length and in same distance from each other.

Final Touches

To give the elf ears some final touches you can add some pieces of cloth to cover the headband and make the ears seem as if they are growing from the head.